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Chrome family – THANK YOU!

Posted in Friends & Familia, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on September 10, 2010

a few weeks ago, when the nights were still warm and the sun was still burning, we attended the chrome nyc store opening. a couple of days after that, i went back to the store to chat it up with the rest of the chrome staff visiting from SF.

we stayed in the shop bullshitting with cardiel and the rest of the crew, also watched while they made some custom bags…

sharkey was soooo kind enough to let me have a pair of their Kursk – Cordura shoes!!! my size!!! THANK YOU!!! they’re PERFECT for riding around, the soles are super stiff and won’t bend while i trek up the williamsburg bridge – sahhhweeet! get yours HERE.

the chrome team is awesome. they’re doing great things and i’m looking forward to seeing their success grow, especially out here on the east coast!

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