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WeSC x Dante Ross and the arrival of T19!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia, Music, Skateboarding by yoshi on September 21, 2010

last week WeSC hosted a launch party for dante‘s new headphones. i have to admit, they’re pretty dope. you can’t hear ANYTHING outside of what the speakers are playing.. hmm… so i guess its not the best if you’re riding your bike or if you’re uber tired on the tried trying to get home… congrats D

also, got to meet up with the T19 crew from japan! finally got to meet mr. singo in person! awesome kid and runs the skateboarding scene in tokyo… no, really, he does. =P otaki, kaori, andrew, and a few others came as well! i LOVE hanging out with them, they’re so much fun and i love watching them skate. after the party we walked around san gennaro where otaki fell in love with fried oreos and we had some bomb ass cheap chinese food off hester and baxter – under $5!!! yum…

singo!!! (pronounced shingo)

my flash is all effed bc of my case oops

*photos taken with iPhone4

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  1. chico said, on September 21, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    that’s my homegirl Tammi in the 7th photo (with the short hair)!

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