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shop my closet…

Posted in SHOP MY CLOSET by yoshi on October 31, 2010

here are a few things i’m looking to sell… LOTS more to come!


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outfit post: MadeMe x Vans…

Posted in Outfit, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on October 30, 2010

as mentioned in my previous post, i attended the MadeMe x Vans launch party at the house of vans. the day before, however, i got a surprise package from Vans (thanks to Nikki and Cathy), hand delivered by Hana hahahahhaa!

i am now the proud owner of the Wellesley MadeMe Vans! (currently SOLD OUT on MadeMe’s site… but i THINK Vans might still have them in stock???)

now, as for what i wore to the event… *totally forgot my camera at work so had to improvise with the iphone hehehe:

outfit deets: jacket (bought on sale from UO) | lace crop top (H&M) | AA tank | tripp jeans | MadeMe Camryn Vans

…on selling my stuff

Posted in Fashion, Food for Thought by yoshi on October 30, 2010

not my closet

over the years i’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. things i’ve never worn, things i’ve only worn once, things i bought on impulse… well, you get the hint.

i think its time to part with some of these things and i wanted to get a sense of how many of you would want to buy my stuff if i priced it from $10 – $25 max (+5 for shipping)?

do you think that sounds like a deal to you?

what would i sell? i would sell the following:

  • sneakers (some of which I’ve never worn)
  • heels/pumps/wedges (again, some of which I’ve never worn, some of which I’ve worn only a couple of times)
  • jackets (mostly impulse purchases)
  • dresses (idk why i even bother buying dresses, i never wear them)
  • bags (who am i kidding, i only use like 3 bags)
  • random tops (mostly impulse)

well? what you think? should i sell to you guys? or just donate…

MadeMe x Vans Party Recap!

Posted in Events by yoshi on October 29, 2010

Vans is relentless with their event throwing capabilities. They once again managed to throw an amazing party at their new establishment, House of Vans, for the release of MadeMe‘s Vans collaboration. Speaking of which, Vans (special delivery by Hana – post to come lol) sent me the Wellesley’s!!!! AMAAAAAZING!

Anywho, Suz and I got there early to take a few photos of Erin for a future LadyLike interview I’ll be working on. We also ate yummy tacos courtesy of the best taco truck in NYC, Calexico.

In order to get through to the party, you could participate in walking through a small labyrinth, if i were alone, i wouldn’t have done it because I’m a pansy like that bahahahha! Also, that’s Jenny, she’s a journalist and super chill to hang out with =)

Jenny interviewing Erin after Suz took some photos…

Of course Vans’ and their damn photobooth LOLOLOL – is it bad that the guy who operates this think remembers me from past events? I swear, I don’t take THAT many photos!

Ran into Mr. WilliamYan and some of his boyzzzzzz, including new friend DJ.

There were a ton of stylish boys and girls that came to the event. Lots and lots of MadeMe and Vans supporters…

Cathy - PR - ain't she cute?!

Antoine - photographer

Rob Mate!

the twins lol - Suz and Hanna

CLAWdia ❤

Jeff Staple - haven't seen him in a loooong time

Miss Dom, Moi, TJJJJJJJJ ❤ ❤ ❤

PINOYYYYY - this was her dad's - AWESOME


With performances by Nina Sky, Maluca and Kelis, the crowd was kept on their feet moving to the beats.

And more people and friends!

my man Josh/Stash lots of people I haven't seen in AGES

my lover Kerin

Miss Coco and Dom


THREE JESSICA'S - no. really.

Intern Kay!


Jessx2 and Mary!

Jenn, the woman of the moment - Erin et Moi

Nikki S - Vans ❤


You can view more photos from Vans on their Events blog HERE and HERE

Aaaaaaand a few more on the digital photobooth site!

AND of course, – he got a TON of pics too

…on shit i’m diggin

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on October 26, 2010

images via gizmodo, slamxhype, cutiegadget, serious eats, etc…

and the WINNER is….

Posted in Events, Fashion by yoshi on October 26, 2010

the winner of the Low Luv x Erin Wasson ring giveaway is…

HANA of Los Angeles!

thank you for all of your comments and feedback on my next hair-do. i’ll definitely keep all these in mind. and if you’re wondering if i looked through all the comments, yes, yes i did! found some new blogs to follow =)

another huge thank you to the the folks over at Designer Apparel – ladies/gents, take the time to browse their site – they have a lot of awesome finds!


…what’s a terrarium you ask?

Posted in Artsy Fartsy by yoshi on October 25, 2010

since you’re all dyyyying to know what it is (lol, ok maybe not, but i sure as hell was curious) are miniature gardenscapes using miniature figurines to complete your little green environment!

i’m obsessed with mini things!

my girl hana from hearty got to create her own little terrarium with the help from the folks over at BPMW and Twig Terrariums. visit their site and purchase your own kit! i think i’m going to get a couple hehehehehe!

i vant!





Posted in Random by yoshi on October 24, 2010

after 8 years we’re finally going back to the world series!!!! bring it on texas!

womp womp wommmmmp

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