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Posted in Bicycles, Mopeds by yoshi on October 8, 2010

a 1980 Puch Magnum MK II!!!!!

it was a toss up between the tomos or a puch and the puch won. it should be arriving in a few weeks as its coming from cincinatti. yes. it was THAT hard to find for the right price (thank you max!). super stoked and can’t wait to get this bad boy on the road!!!

will definitely do some custom kitting and body work, so that will be my winter project =) woot woot!

*not this actual bike, but same model

some info/facts about the bike:

The Puch Magnum is a top-tank moped that was only sold in America.

The Magnum was first released in 1978 with two models: the XK and MKII (I will have the MKII)

  • The MKII was silver with green stripes and decals and had snowflake mag wheels, the two speed ZA50 motor, and is fitted with oil injection. Front and rear suspension was hydraulic, which is heavier but makes for a much smoother ride.
  • The 2nd MKII was the coveted Brown and Gold (UPS) version, with that same features as the earlier version, plus gold 5 star mag wheels.


The Puch Magnum is arguably the most sought after ped in Moped Army. Reasons magnums are popular

Many factory accessories for Magnums were originally sold (5-star rims, Mofast exhausts, Zeta big bore kits, and headlight fairings) and are still quite desirable for the increased stability and mod-ability with the numerous after-market parts available today.


There are many different customizations of Magnums:

  • Mini-Magnum’s have Maxi forks and shocks, making a low-rider Magnum (it’s also lighter), some are stock, and some have been chopped for the popular “cafe” look (i plan on doing this hehehehe)
  • “Cafe” styled Magnums generally have racks, fenders and all other accessories removed and are fitted with clubman or drop bars
  • Different motors have been fitted, including Tomos A35, A55, Derbi Flat Reeders, Lifan engines, and more.

and that’s today’s lesson. can’t wait!!!!


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