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inspiration: for the new magnum…

Posted in Bicycles, Mopeds by yoshi on October 11, 2010

i was chatting with my boy al this weekend (as he kept me company while i slaved at work), haven’t spoken in a looong time, and we were just talking about my new moped that’s on its way. here are a few inspirational photos that we exchanged for how my magnum should transform into… hehehehe…

now, i don’t know much about motorcycles like my girl jayne, but i sure do know that i love the vintage, classic look of cafe style mopeds and motos – oooooooh wee!

so consider this post more of a “this looks nice, keep note of this color/style/part” versus a “tutorial,” because i’m not gonna lie, i don’t know jack shit about these bikes other than the brand and the style – but this will change sooooon enough!

i love the simplicity of this this magnum. colors. bars. yes please:

wowwwww. much like the above magnum, i LOVE the custom color of this. i highly doubt i would ever do this to mine, but kudos to the owner for this bike. everything is on point, down to the chain.

need i say more?

you know i’ll always be a fan of all black. check out the tilted pipe. ::that’s what she said::

this one is a bit too bulky for my taste, but i dig the black and white and chrome. plus, you can’t even tell its a frkn moped!

now for more of the fun stuff: inpirations…


images via: kakimoto | the return of the cafe racers | ride the machine | the blog of record | google search


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  1. annie said, on October 11, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    hot damn. i am so jelly that you got a moped. good luck with it! the cafe/vintage look is total win. edgy but still feminine and classy. its hard to not look butch on a bike. f’real.

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