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…on “re-decorating”

Posted in Food for Thought, Random by yoshi on October 17, 2010

well, i shouldn’t even include the “re” in re-decorating because honestly, i haven’t done SHIT to my apartment ever since i moved in about 4 years ago =X

it was always intended to be a starter apartment, for the bf and i to save up money to move closer to manhattan or by prospect park area. but of course we got side tracked. with the latest addition to our apartment: turntables (taught the bf the basics of mixing and he’s doing pretty well so far!) – we’ve decided to make our place feel more “homey,” rather than just a place to go to after work to sleep. so i’ve been putting up some photos and artwork from friends and random stuff i’ve collected over the years…

in order to put some of the pieces up, i had to go to the city and get some frames… while there i actually got some crap at urban outfitters (i know i know, don’t hate… silly purchases, but i was running out of time and the bf was shooting a commercial at our apartment the next day for chrome!)

ended up packing everything in my freight bag. note to self: must get bigger bag… i looked like gumby.


the bag was as tall as my upper thigh


gotta get more pieces from my friends to get all the empty walls covered… this our “creative” guest room, the other wall of this room is blank, just has my boots collection on the floor and a fold up futon for when our friends and family come to stay.

this is our, uhm… closet/get-ready for work room lol. got my keyboard in place, a few boards on the wall from western edition, and all my accessories/hair/make-up crap in this room. the opposite wall is just a bunch of closets and drawers… oh the joys of railroad style apartments… i do love my high-ceilings however =)

some shots of our kitchen/dining room area…

yes, those are photos of drinks and a bowl of cereal lol

put up a few more photos in our room… we are looking to get a new bed and dresser set, along with bedding… these were from the previous owner hahahahha (as were the rest of my furniture) =X i think the bf put his “igei” board too high… i might lower it now.

yep… i need a course in interior decorating…


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