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…on being a digital/interactive producer

Posted in Food for Thought, Random by yoshi on October 20, 2010

you know its funny that most people know me through my blog(s), yet when it comes to my full-time-pays-the-rent-has-me-working-all-day-and-night gig, some are just clueless and i don’t blame them because i hardly ever make that part of my life public (except for the past few weeks since i’ve been caged in the office).

a digital producer.

sounds awesome right?

it has its perks… i won’t lie.

we are the grounds keepers. we are the mother hens. we are the foundation that helps run an agency. we hold everyone together and keep everyone sane. when the client tears us apart, we shield our teams from their wrath. when the bosses scold us for not setting client expectations, we take the blame solely upon ourselves and encourage the team they are doing a fantastic job nonetheless.

we provide creative solutions to every technical problem. we gamble compromises to play our favor. we think ahead and a few more steps more after that. when shit hits the fan, we clean it up and make it shine like it was brand new. we define the word calm when chaos runs amok. we learn to speak in a language conversed only among developers.

we make shit HAPPEN when shit shouldn’t.

and that’s my job in a nutshell.

i guess my degree in political science served me well (logical thought is a must!)

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