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nerd alert: happy meals, HTML5 vs. Flash, heartbreak…

Posted in Nerd Alert by yoshi on November 3, 2010


what do you mean no more happy meals in sf?! what the hell am i going to eat when i go home for the holidays?! and what about all the cool toys?!?!?! well, i guess there’s always late night jack in the crack, but they don’t have toys, they have fatty milkshakes!!!!

via Gizmodo


2. so, what’s the difference between flash and HTML5?

the folks over at code computerlove created this game to show the real difference between HTML5 and flash so see for yourselves!

thanks computerlove! CUE ZAPP & ROGER:


3. thanks to Facebook, we can now see statistics on relationship break-up trends!


thank you FB, now i will know when to play matchmaker…

via GeekSugar

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