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currently seeking: a fall/winter bag…

Posted in Fashion, fatlace / ladylike by yoshi on November 5, 2010

i love navajo inspired prints, too bad the pendleton wool coats make me itch!

with that said, i’m on the hunt for a nice warm looking bag for this season. i typically don’t spend any money on my bags because i know they’ll just get tossed around and normally i’m lugging around a messenger backpack. however, i think its time i spend some good money and invest in bag that will last a longer life than my h&m pleather shoulder bag (which has actually lasted more than a year, but the zippers are all messed up).

so i posted a few pendleton bags that i found online on thatsLadyLike – feel free to comment if you found some others!

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  1. Jade said, on November 5, 2010 at 12:41 PM

    I’ve been looking at those exact bags to buy too. Lol.

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