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nerd alert: more camera phones, new browser, paper boats…

Posted in Nerd Alert by yoshi on November 8, 2010

1. Move aside Chrome, hellooooo RockMelt

If you’re a fan of having all your social networking windows displaying on one screen, or accessible with just one click of your mouse/short-cut, then this browser might just be the best thing for you. RockMelt allows users to keep up to date with their social networking apps – Facebook status updates, Twitter sharing ability right next to your address bar, RSS feed updates by pop-up, etc.

…The Mountain View startup, which is backed by web bigwigs such as Marc Andreeseen, has just released its new browser in a limited beta today, and it’s — as you probably may have guessed — built entirely around social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Using Chromium at its core, the browser naturally looks and feels a lot Chrome — fret not, Incognito mode is still there — but there are some clear interface tweaks. As you can see in the screenshot above, the left edge integrates your Facebook friends so you can chat, send messages or check out status updates no matter what site you’re visiting…. The right column is meant for Twitter and RSS feeds — both are updated in the background and use “push notifications” to let you know how many unread messages or posts you’ve got piling up. You can update your statuses from both rails as well as share the site you are reading by just hitting the large share button to the left of the search bar. It’s all fairly straightforward and actually works quite well.

However, RockMelt is pitching itself as more than just a sharing platform — it also claims to have improved the speed and ease of search. Instead of the search box taking you to a Google search page, it brings up the results in a box of its own and allows you to visit the different sites within the browser window — basically, you don’t have to keep clicking back and forth from that Google search page…

via Engadget


2. Extreme Paper Boating

Frank Bolter has done it. He’s made a “functioning” paper boat to float down the Thames River. Now, if only they can make a crane origami fly…

via Mail Online


3. WOWKeys by Omnio and iPhone

Omnio and iPhone have home together to make a keyboard specifically to suit iPhone needs. The keyboard is both PC and Mac compatible. My question is – why doesn’t it include a numeric keyboard?! LMAO… This is still a prototype, I wonder who’ll be utilizing this…


4. Phone + Digital Camera: getting better?

LG has upped the bar for camera phones. With 3x’s the optical zoom, Xenon flash and 12 megapixels, the LG L-03C puts most of our regular point and shoot digi cams to shame! Plus, it makes phonecalls!

In spite of its 3-inch display and 800 x 480 resolution, this is still strictly just a featurephone, but it’s sure put in a lot of work to make sure one of those features stands out. Look out for it in Japan from this January.

via Engadget

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