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nerd alert: cheap gifts and a new digital business card…

Posted in Nerd Alert by yoshi on December 21, 2010

1) Old Fashioned iPhone

For all you retro-nostalgic heads, this might be a cool little gift. Now, I don’t actually know if you can pick up the handset and use it, because the damn site is in Korean, but the button acts like the main iPhone button so you can pause/play music, end/make calls, yadda yadda yadda. Kinda neat no?

via Ubergizmo


2) Paper Watch

Customize and doodle on your tear resistant digital watch! For about $15 USD, you can get these for your kids or someone who actually can draw – not me.

via Firebox


3) About Me

About Me is like a digital business card. Just a one page site that you can customize yourself! So easy! You can provide links to ALL your social networking platforms, I’m gonna try it out – so should you!


4) Cup-O-Everything

For $12.95 you can drink your coffee and listen to your music at the same time! Perfect gift for your caffeine crazy office mate.

via Ubergizmo

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