the adventures of yoshi

playing catch up with my besties… round 2: ALEX!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on January 8, 2011

another great friend i got to spend time with while back in the bay was my good friend alex. if you’ve followed me from years back even before i moved to NY, you’ll remember al from our times with homeroom clothing =)

he and i shared a lot together. we were both motivated, grinded the streets like no other, never took no for an answer, and were both very very stubborn. we fed off each others’ creativity. between the two of us, we were unstoppable.

then there came a time when we needed to part ways. it was tough, but in the end, we can look back and laugh. presently, we’re both still grinding like no other, highly motivated, still finding ways to a “yes,” and still stubborn like mules.

he’s now doing big things at levi’s and i think our plans for world domination are still in order… muwahahahaha.

love you al!

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