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Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on January 11, 2011

my new job has got me SLAMMED without any spare time to think of anything else but work. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE my new gig. the difference is, i don’t get much free time during the day while i’m at the office to blog. whereas my former job, i had a few spare minutes here and there to do a post or two. how is this new job any better you say?

well, this job, right at 6pm, i’m able to STOP working, whereas the former, i would continuously check emails through the night and over the weekend.

anyway, i haven’t been able to post any outfits either because, well, for numerous reasons actually hahaha! care to hear? ok!

  1. i’m going through the ugly hair phase – finally growing it out damnit
  2. i don’t have a full length mirror yet (i KNOW! WTF?!), so i have no idea how i REALLY look before i step out the door until i get to the bathroom at work bahahahha
  3. i need to go shopping for new clothes
  4. its too damn cold to really want to dress nicely – i’m more dressing for function nowadays
  5. my ass has to wake up a bit earlier to get to work =/

hmmmm… what else is new with me? well, i’ll tell you all this much. as SOON as i finish putting together my apt, i’ll post pics and i’ll feel more complete… i think then, i’ll be able to really settle down and get back to bin-ness.

this post has no substance.

ok bye.

oh i just baked a cake.

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