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because i’m fat: mango seed…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on January 15, 2011

started exploring some of the food options here by the new apartment. being 2 blocks from flatbush ave, we’re surrounded with an abundance of caribbean food (among others i have yet to try), we tried out a bar and restaurant called mango seed. found with the help of yelp.

the first time we had mango seed was by delivery (it was cold and snowy out) and well, it was absolutely amazing! i had the jerk chicken while the bf had the blackened fish sandwich…. DROOOOOOL.

the following week we decided to go to the restaurant and try it out in person. it was a cute place, clean with an adequate bar. the staff was VERY friendly and i would highly recommend it. this time i had the craving for fish and chips. BEFORE you judge me on my order, i just have to say that their fish and chips are FANTASTIC – no need for tartar sauce, the batter itself is full of flavor! the bf ordered the blackened fish sandwich again. there was a couple there that looked like they ordered some salad and fish, maybe salmon, i wanted to ask them if i could have their leftovers bahahahaha! oh we also had some drinks =)

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