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nerd alert: cool stuff…

Posted in Nerd Alert by yoshi on January 19, 2011

1. Boiling water + -22 degree weather

I will try this… actually, maybe not. I don’t think I want to be anywhere near -22 degrees.

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2. Bar of Soap Dispenser

Got some un-used bars of soap laying around? Well then get your hands on this dispenser thingy, kinda neat no?

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3. Gummy Ears

These earphones by Sakar is tooooo cute! I wonder if they’ll actually fit in my ears…

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4. Riplus Mouse

I quite like the simple design of this mouse. Not very practical since it looks like you can’t really scroll, but artistic nonetheless. I mean, its made of glass!

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  1. STOP IT RIGHT NOW said, on January 20, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    WHOA the evaporating water!!!

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