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ford 2010 supermodel of the world…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on January 25, 2011

…goes to danica magpantay! reppin her true pinay skin, danica, obviously from the philipines, won ford’s 2010 supermodel of the WORLD. (not just country, city, town… the WORLD folks)

now, i’ll be honest, i wouldn’t have known any of this if i hadn’t been snooping on sarah meier’s blog (another filipina you should know about, plus her posts are quite entertaining, plus we share a lot of friends in common as it turns out).

danica is indeed the epitome of a natural filipina beauty – without trying to bleach her god-given skin tone (as sarah meier tweeted “So to my dear Filipinas – take a look. Venus Raj, Danica Magpantay. Beautiful, dusky, exotic. STOP with the whitening creams already.” (yes, i also follow her on twitter, as should you)).

this reminds me. i need to make another trip to the philippines very soon – last time just wasn’t enough time!

congrats danica!

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  1. Kristin said, on January 28, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    Why would this girl bleach her skin? She actually looks biracial (half black) and it’s gorgeous. I’m biracial too, but I’d never bleach my beautiful brown skin.

    • yoshi said, on January 28, 2011 at 6:55 AM

      that’s the thing – she proves to filipina women that there is no need to bleach your skin, (a trend among asian women, particularly in the philippines), that you can still be beautiful in your natural color

  2. […] danica magpantay continues to hold title of Ford’s Supermodel of the World, a new face has entered the […]

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