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Timberland: Earthkeepers Cabot L/F Tall Zip Boots – Thank you!

Posted in Product Review by yoshi on February 28, 2011

Woohoo! Received a delightful package from Team Epiphany last week and enclosed were a pair of Timberland Earthkeepers Cabot Leather and Fabric Tall Zip boots and a huge canvas tote (a perfect size to carry the boots in on my way home from work lol)!

Both the boots and the tote are made of Bionic canvas. Timberland, with the help of Return Textile’s (a company co-owned by Pharrell Williams) Bionic yarn, is reinventing canvas for Spring – so ladies, this upcoming season we’ll be able to walk around with heat on our feet… while keeping it dry AND clean since its both water and stain resistant! I’ll be the judge of that lmao.

You can purchase your own pair for $170 at


I want to get a edgy haircut. I’ve never got my hair cut before and I’m scraed they will mess up. You get your hair done alot. What salon and who do you reccomend in NYC?

Posted in by yoshi on February 28, 2011

Obviously I’m going to recommend my friend Kaitlin over at Woodley and Bunny in Williamsburg, BK. =)

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Do u still work for Fatlace? Any future plans working for Hellz Bellz?

Posted in by yoshi on February 28, 2011

Fatlace? Not really anymore, but I still keep strong ties with the Fatlace family =) The Hellz crew is also family and I support them no matter what. Any work I do for them would be for free!

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moped update!

Posted in Mopeds by yoshi on February 28, 2011

i love this photo…

moped update! i had bradley over at orphange mopeds hook my bike up with a few new things: i got it lowered, put a new kit on it to keep up with cars now, got some new pedals, new wheels, new handlebars, new muffler and a new kick stand. now if only i can make it more environmentally sound…

its been several months, but owning a moped is proving to be quite a handful – especially an unregistered moped. i have a lot of things to take care of before i can really ride this thing around safely and legally. so please bear with me =)

here’s a pic bradley sent me of my newly lowered bike:

can you suggest how to find a good t-shirt manufactuer?

Posted in by yoshi on February 28, 2011

I would do a couple of things: Find a t-shirt brand that you like. Try to do some research to find out where they get their shirts made, if all else fails, ask someone in the industry lol.

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Posted in by yoshi on February 28, 2011

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adventures of sushi and squirt: my cat plays fetch…

Posted in Squirt and Sushi by yoshi on February 28, 2011

i was taking a break from watching the academy awards to play catch with my cat squirt. mostly because i want to wear her out so she doesn’t wake me up at 4 in the morning (like she ALWAYS does).


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dolce & gabbana: seeing stars… and stripes

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on February 27, 2011

DOLCE & GABBANA A/W 2011/2012

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