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pizza party and the grammy’s…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on February 16, 2011

this past sunday the bf and i hopped on our bikes and rode through prospect park to join our friends for a pizza making party at their place (i did more eating than making hehe).

it was a really calm night and wasn’t too cold so the ride through the park was absolutely lovely. there were hardly any joggers or other bicyclists so it felt like we had the park all to ourselves. it was a perfect night to practice riding without hands bahahahaha! outcome? SUCCESS!

anyway, back to the pizza making… so everyone took turns making some delicious pizzas which we all shared of course. after a few glasses of wine (half of one for me) we turned on the grammy’s and i realized a few things. damn, i really know too much about pop culture than i should – why is it that i (well, along with rika) know most, if not all, the people on stage? what can i say – i like all kinds of music!

enjoy the photos – too many to really caption =)

faye and sean hosted a lovely dinner and made a few pieces of dough for us to make our own personal pizzas. since i don’t really like getting my hands dirty or working for my food, i decided to take photos and be the taster hahahaha =X! rika, pat, sako, yuri, and mike were all present as well!

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