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because i’m fat: K-town goodies…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on February 22, 2011

*pardon my writing… i’m doped up on antihistamines and all that jazz

last week rich, rosario, tina, myself, and meg (finally after 1 year of trying to meet up again) had dinner at k-town’s kunjip restaurant. we were all so hungry that we just went right in and cut the chit chat hahahahhaha – ok, maybe just me… and meg… hahahaha!

i love these guys. its so much fun being with fellow filipinos doing what we do best: eating and chismis!

lots of kimchi - very good for your digestive system FYI lol


Japchae noodles

fried vegetarian dumplings


we were rushed by our waiters to finish our food because the restaurant was extremely busy (plus, you know how asian restaurants are, they don’t really want to keep you there for very long lol). so we ended up grabbing dessert a few doors down at this cute pastry place, forgot the name, but omg – they have yummy little cakes and desserts!!

we had the BEST and most random conversations that night. i’m gonna miss these gals! but luckily, twitter keeps us together hahahaha! plus, i still got rich here in nyc for more food tours =)



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