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family food tour: DAY 3…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on March 26, 2011

last saturday we all woke up early, not sure why… oh yea, we were going to meet up with my uncle and his family in queens.

my sister, her hubby and their mom ended up staying in the city to try to catch a broadway show while my bf, my parents and i hopped on the 7 and headed out to 69th and roosevelt. we were gonna go to ihawan but my uncle ended up taking us to this other joint called tito rad’s filipino grill and restaurant right off queens blvd.

their specialty was tuna – tuna steaks, tuna jaw, tuna belly. i’m a fan of tuna, but these dishes were MASSIVE and kinda scary bahahahaha!

we also ordered the typical bangus, pork bbq, and some other dishes i don’t remember but i’ll google them for you. oh yea, we had adobo fried rice =)

Ukoy (Bean Sprout Fritters)

Crispy Pata - Deep Fried Pork Knuckles served with ginger and garlic

Fried Bangus (milkfish)

Nilagang Baka - Beef Short Ribs cooked with Asian vegetables in beef broth

Pork BBQ

Inihaw na Panga - Grilled Tuna Jaw

Grilled Tuna Belly

after a plentiful meal, my uncle drove us back to manhattan and we walked around central park where my sister caught up with us. we also window shopped along 5th ave pretending we were one of those rich asian families that drop dough on crazy designer bags and jewelry.

by that time we walked around just enough to work up another appetite. we decided to have some italian so joey could eat pasta before his half marathon the next morning. not wanting to travel too far, we opted to check out this one italian spot by madison square garden (by the hotel) called lugo caffe. obvioiusly i was in doubt when eating around msg, but when we walked in, i was very surprised to find a spacious and family friendly italian joint. the food was also very tasty.

chicken pesto pasta

veal braised in lemon and caper suace (yummmm)

and again, we had to call it a night after bingeing all day…

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  1. I S said, on March 27, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    Don’t forget they are BYOB!

  2. Kenna said, on March 30, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    Damn food coma. *starving*

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