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“The Letter All Your Friends Have Written You…”

Posted in Artsy Fartsy by yoshi on April 21, 2011

an old friend and co-worker of mine from years ago, tishon, has written a book with his friend cait. the book came about after sharing numerous letters, notes, and poems with one another over a span of about five years.

they decided to compile all their thoughts into a book. i think its really cute and very thoughtful.

For us, poetry is the recognition and celebration of these common experiences. In putting these poems in book form, we hope to add something indelible to the tradition of verse. But, most of all, we want you, after having read the book, to feel a little a closer to, not only us, but every person you’ve ever met. We want it to be poetry you can believe in. Wait, no. That one’s already taken. We want it to be poetry you wouldn’t mind sharing an apartment with.

its also very interesting how they’re reaching out for support of their book.

click HERE to visit and PLEDGE. each dollar amounts to something different in return – $1 pledge = a place in their hearts =)

Kissing/Inbound from Tishon W on Vimeo.

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