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Posted in Food for Thought, Random by yoshi on May 1, 2011

for some reason i’ve always had this obsession with the paranormal and any reality show that had to do with ghost hunting.

however, if you really realllllly knew me, you’d know i’m the biggest scaredy cat EVER. i’m talkin like waking up my sister in the middle of night just so she could wait at the top of the stairs as i ran down to the kitchen to get a drink or snack.

i was also one of those sleepers who piled all their pillows up on each side as a barricade – please note: i slept in a twin bed. not only that, if i dropped something on the floor and it feel UNDER my bed, lord knows i would wait until there was sunlight out before sticking my hand under the bed skirt – yea… i watched little monsters – i know fred savage is probably down there partying and shit…

so watching these shows is almost like… well, i feel like the more shows i watch, the less i’ll be scared of the paranormal. have i ever experienced something like this before? HELL NO! and i hope i never will!!! GAH!

i really don’t know what spawned me to write about this topic… oh wait, yes i do. that stupid zach meat head from ghost hunters. i’ve watched that show even before he got on the ‘roids bahahahhahaa! still a good show though, i wonder how he really sounds in person because his voice sounds like he’s forcing it to sound manly… kinda like those absurdly large pants he wears paired with a tight ass affliction shirt…

i digress.


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  1. Frank said, on May 2, 2011 at 4:50 AM

    See both my Blogs…. Yes I have and have posted videos and pictures. I do Paranormal Research on a monthly bases plus.

    Links should be in Gravitar… including YouTube channel.

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