the adventures of yoshi

cyco-cycle-crazy-fun in time’s square!

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on May 13, 2011

believe it or not, i have to walk through time’s square everyday to get to and from work. some people hate it, but to be honest, i kinda love it.

walking through time’s square in the morning isn’t as hectic as it is in the evening, plus i get to see a lot of interesting stuff like the TLC’s coverage of the royal wedding taking up a whole block, or chris brown’s chair being thrown against the window of good morning america (i only saw the aftermath), or john frieda’s pop-up trailer salon that’s in front of sephora right now, or a bunch of CYCOCYLECRAZYFUN bikes rolling up and down the streets!

i was about to ask if i could try it, but i was late for work…

uhm… i kinda want one?! its like a tricycle for adults… on steroids!


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