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Ford Supermodel of the World Philippines: Samantha Gomez…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on May 19, 2011

as danica magpantay continues to hold title of Ford’s Supermodel of the World, a new face has entered the arena.

samantha gomez, at age 14, has won the competition in the Philippines and will go on to new york to represent the country and hopefully come out on top to follow in danica’s footsteps.

mannnnn, why couldn’t i get the height and the legs that these pinays were blessed with?!

and really??? 14??? holy moly, when i was her age i was still popping zits and wearing a freaking neck gear for my braces!

anyway, sam’s from Pampanga and that’s where my pop’s is from – so represent! =P

 check out this great interview conducted by zoe laurente with sam on status mag’s blog – DO read up!

and don’t forget to keep up with my girls vicky and sarah who hosted the Philippine Fashion Week TV – hotness!

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  1. NAN said, on May 27, 2011 at 5:13 AM

    Isn’t she unreal?! So excited for this new girl. The (ambush!) interview, by the way, is by our intern, Zoe Laurente. 🙂

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