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winner of Doodle 4 Google is from my elementary school!

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, People by yoshi on May 20, 2011

my friend izelle shared this on my facebook. the 2nd grader from monte verde elementary, matteo lopez, has won the 2011 Doodle 4 Google competition.

not only his his illustration the first thing you see when you open up google, but he’s won a $15k college scholarship and a $25k tech grant for my old school!

yea… monte verde produces some pretty creative kids eh? *wink wink lmaooo jk jk.

the contest asked kids to answer the question: “What I’d like to do someday” to which matteo answered, “become an astronaut and explore space” awwwww =)

he was one of 40 finalists from an entry of 107,000! congrats matteo!

"Space Life"

when i was his age, my top 5 “when i grew up i want to be’s” were:
– lawyer (took up political science in college… got my degree that lead to a different path as you can see)
– doctor (did the whole pre-med thing in college, lasted a semester lmao)
– broadway singer (particularly the role of kim from miss saigon hahhhaha – realized i was only good in the shower)
– professional dancer (i sucked at choreography, i blame it on short-term memory)
– artist (i’m great at drawing circles…)

what were your aspirations when you were a kid??


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