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on needing a roadbike vs. a fixie for these long rides… + instagram!

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Bicycles by yoshi on May 23, 2011

i’m getting old. my legs can’t hang anymore. i saw a nice cannondale supersix roadbike today. all carbon everything – i’m in love.

ANYWAY, i hopped on the iro today instead of the moped because i need some excercise and well, the weather wasn’t as nice as yesterday.

i geared up and wore my padded booty shorts under my leggings, wrapped my hair up so i wouldn’t get helmet hair, and threw on whatever tank i could find (yea right – i knew i wanted to sport the hello kitty lolll)

ps. if you’re on instagram – follow me! “lady_yoshi”

from prospect park… through chinatown… and took the scenic route by the water.

rode through battery park where we passed by the world trade center sphere

and all the way up towards the intrepid…

we passed by toga bike shop where i found my cannondale… one day… and then rode to riverside park to grub on amazing cheesburgers with old bay fries at pier I cafe – you MUST try their blueberry lemonade (i took mine with rum and malibu hehehe)

then rode through central park and said fuck it… taking the train back to bk hahahahaha! pooped!

i’ll get a road bike soon and it will be awesome. ok bye!

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  1. denise said, on May 24, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    YES SCARF ON HAIR TUTORIAL PLEASE cos my hair sucks and dunno how to do that

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