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Day 5: Things you want to say to an ex….

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 27, 2011

now THIS topic was one of the reasons why i wanted to do the 30 day blog challenge!

oh man oh man… this is a goodie lol. i’m going to throw in a few ex’s from my past – no names and no particular order.

  • yea sucka look at me now! you can’t even look me in the eye and say hi to me. glad i caught you doing me wrong. and yes, your friends did always tell me to leave you. LOSER.
  • i hope you learned a lot from our relationship, i wish you the best of luck. just don’t act like something you’re not because we all know you’re not “hard” or a “thug,” you’re a big softee and have a huge heart. people like that about you.
  • this one’s for carey – thank GAWD we managed to stay friends bahahaha!
what would YOU say to an ex?

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