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because i’m fat: fatty crab with my girls…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on May 28, 2011

wendy, louise and i finaaaallly made it out to dinner the other day. we decided to chomp on some asian fusion dishes at fatty crab! it was my first time there hehehe.

i think i can describe the food as being a mix of malaysian, vietnamese, thai, and all other southeast asian tastes combined.

i let the girls do the ordering so i can’t really tell you what the names of the dishes were, other than we had a stew with fat noodles and some other goodness, chinese broccoli with yummy sauce, pork steamed buns, and delicious spicy crab… louise and i threw on the bibs because we were gonna get DOWN on those bad boys!

here are a few pics! there’s more but i’ll have to steal those from louise hehehehe. but in the meantime, these instagram pics will suffice =) follow me on that thing – lady_yoshi

(outfit details to come)

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  1. […] are the rest of the photos from fatty crab thanks to louise! =D pork buns! big ass serving […]

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