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Day 6: Your views on mainstream music…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 28, 2011

today i have to talk about my views on mainstream music for the 30 day blog challenge. hmmm… now, being that i’m all about the latest gossip – er news – surrounding entertainment, i think the same goes for mainstream music (which i think would be typically referred to as “top 40?”) if so, then i’m all about the nicki minaj’s, lady gaga’s, beyonce’s, riri’s and bruno mars’ out right now.

i enjoy dancing to their songs, not saying that i’d go out and buy their album and listen to it on repeat for a week. no. i just have a thing for catchy tunes and i appreciate music that can make me shake what my mama gave me.

so, for all you music snobs out there who are too snobby to listen to anything outside of indie, puh-lease. soon enough your little bands will bite the dust and sell out to live the glamorous life. and i’ll be listening… (most likely to a remix) *shortay gettin down low low low low…



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  1. mayashaw said, on June 6, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    I did this exact same 30 day challenge on my tumblr and I said the same thing!

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