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EVENT: Until The Violence Stops…

Posted in Events by yoshi on June 5, 2011

you know… with all my yapping away i do on this blog, i’ve realized the strength and power of one’s voice.

i can talk all day about fashion, what i did over the weekend, what i ate today, who i’m crushing on, what i’m doing at work, but this time around, i’ve decided to use my voice to help spread social awareness for a great cause.

susana of the debs nyc, approached me a few weeks ago to help co-produce and co-host an event in support of V-Day and gaining a partnership with Vagina Monologues founder, Eve Ensler. the event we were to plan included a screening of “Until The Violence Stops,” a film by Abby Epstein.

by teaming up with the debs, we knew we didn’t want to limit our reach just towards activists already participating (although we love them!), but we wanted to reach out towards our peers and friends. our goal then became to open the eyes of the people we work with, party with, brunch with, to shed light on issues that could effect the people we know and love all over the world.

with that said, here’s a flyer for the event, i hope some of you can make it and i would definitely LOVE to meet you if you did =)

*all proceeds go to Girls Write Now

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  5. […] a great event, “Until The Violence Stops“!  The event was to support the efforts of  V-Day – the global movement to end violence against women and girls. Unfortunately I wasn’t able […]

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