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VANS Create Your Mark Event Recap!

Posted in Events, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on June 26, 2011

This past Saturday, Sandy, Deana and I headed to the House of Vans to attend their “Create Your Mark” event that celebrated creativity! I got word that we’d be able to tie dye shoes (thank you to the Vans team for supplying us with shoes!) as well as shirts!

I have to give it up to Vans, they really know how to throw events that get everyone involved versus sitting around listening to music and getting drunk hahaha!

We arrived in time to see Hana and Rachel begin their tie-dying extravaganza lol.

Sandy and Deana were itching to get started on their creations…

This was an awesome pair – so creative… damnit, why can’t I be that creative?!

I worked on my pair after I took these photos. I opted to create a one tone red pair that would fade from front to back. Sandy did a blue version and Deana, being the meticulous artist that she is, did some awesome 4-tone pair…

pic below from Deana: random pair on the left, Sandy’s, mine, and Deana’s:

We decided to eat before tie-dying some tops – we needed food to fuel our creativity! Fortunately, Vans always gives their guests freeeee foooood! This time around we had some killa Korilla BBQ! Nom nom nom nooooommmmm!

Sandy and I also ate cheeseburgers =X

After devouring our Korean BBQ style tacos we headed inside to draw on a blank “living room” installment meant for everyone to vandalize – aweeessoommenesss…

With our bellies full, we were ready to take on tie-dying our black white shirts provided by Vans. There were SO many different techniques and lots of very creative people… I went for the very simple rasta style, Sandy did an American flag inspired tank, and well Deana… hers obviously came out awesome… so many colors and shapes lmaoooo.

Wendy also showed up for a little bit too… oh yea, you like her lips? Its her own lipglass creation with MAC (now available)!

Vans also had a few bands come and play inside, one of which was Chairlift… I have a new band I’m going to stalk, they KILLED it!

oops blurry

The gals: Rachel, Wendy, Moi, Deana, and Sandy (getting yet ANOTHER Korilla Taco lol #fatty):

Thank you to the amazing Vans team for hosting a wonderful event for everyone!!! I can’t wait til the next one! Here are a few faces behind the brand…



Hana and Rach with the Nikki S (the fabulous woman behind the Vans_66 twitter):

Oh yea, before we left, all 5 of us bitches crammed our asses and faces into a tiny ass photobooth… yea, we did.

And home we went… captured a few snaps of the sunset =P


Here are a few pics I found on Vans’ Flickr:

our shoesies!



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  1. sandy said, on June 27, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    so sick! best summer event!

  2. denise said, on June 28, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    MISS YOU GIRLS (even though we’ve never collectively hung out LAME)! BRING ME NEXT TIME! SHAMELESS PLEA! SO JEALOUS!!! okay BYE!!!

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  4. […] Deana, Sandy, and I had an amazing experience at the House of Vans Create Your Mark event, we knew we just HAD to hold our own tie-dying […]

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