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Igei, German, Gizmo: Fixed Gear NYC for Urbanlook…

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on July 30, 2011

Shot by RB and produced by Orion =) featuring the boys – Johnny Igei, German Nieves, and Gizzzzzmo Collado!


on shit i’m diggin…

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on July 29, 2011

Dakota. Elle. Fanning. Vogue.

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on July 26, 2011

because i’m fat: Food Heaven Made Easy… feat Jess Jones!

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on July 26, 2011

My first roommate when I moved to NY has now launched her own TV show on Brooklyn Community Access, and its all about food!

I’m so happy for you Jess!

You will be amazed at how far she can make $5 go – no really, I’ve grocery shopped with her, she’s RIDICULOUSLY crafty, not to mention healthy! She’s also come a long way from ordering “cheeseburgers with no meat” from Mc D’s LOL!

Check Jessica and Wendy out on Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy (L) Jess (R)

Episode 1: $10 Meal Time from Food Heaven Made Easy on Vimeo.

Get Rich or Tie-Dying + Crab Boil 2011!

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 24, 2011

After Deana, Sandy, and I had an amazing experience at the House of Vans Create Your Mark event, we knew we just HAD to hold our own tie-dying party!

Because Louise and Omar had a big enough space on the rough to fit all of us, we decided to hold our “Get Rich or Tie-Dying” shindig there LMAO! Along with the crafts, we threw in a few crabs and more home-made dishes by Jeremy!!! Nom nom nom nom nom!

All our friends (that could make it) came through and it was GAME ON!

Roll-call (because I can’t figure out how to include links in the captions): Aside from the above, Chico, Kaitlin, Sarah, Banjo, Vanina, Ilene, Mike, Ben, Julius, Sophia, Christina, Zach, Chris, Diane and Denise, and ummm… yea a few more! =)

I’ll let the photos tell the story…


Deana and Cheeks mixing up the dye

Cheeks doing her hello kitty inspired colorway

first batch... mine's all the way to the left - yea... not that creative lol


omar gettin into it - prepping his protos for spring/summer collection lmao

so much food! yup! that's pork shoulder aka lechon!

Sarah and her mini-me Kaya

tie-dye extravaganza!

@banjbillions getting ready!

of COURSE louise has the cutest tie dye shirt/dress

finished product!

Sandy and Ilene!

Mr. Ben Wang looking ever so coooool =)

Kaya enjoying the TIRIMISU DIP! YESSSS!

nom nom nom

Banj and Sarah =)

@kaitlincandella 's poloroids =)

Kaya. She's only 5. This was just ONE of a few masterpieces she did ALL BY HERSELF!!!

Lola and Willis

1 of like 6 Deana tie-dye specials!


…til the next rooftop party… ideas anyone??

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INCUBUS Taping for the Late Show!

Posted in Events, Music by yoshi on July 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I won tickets to see Incubus at the Ed Sullivan Theater (ahem Mayka), they were taping for the Late Show and I got to invite 3 friends!

The bf, Sandy, and Louise met me out front and we were greeted with a long line. Not having to wait TOO long, we were all ushered inside and the four of us got front row in the balcony! The theatre was a lot smaller than I expected, I wanna go back to an actual taping of the live show one day =)

Some of you may or may not know, but I was a super duper hardcore fan of Incubus growing up (hehehehe). Their music allowed me to explore outside my hip-hop comfort and get in touch with my “grungier” self in high-school, then helped me get through a lot of BS with a certain ex during my first few years of college =)

Turns out, my iPhone takes better pics than my Ricoh for concerts like this lol… enjoy!



oops – I don’t know how to edit… lmao

Adidas 10th Annual Fanatic/X @ Chelsea Piers Recap!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 22, 2011

Again, apologies for the late recap on this hehehe! I’ve been pretty busy at work =X

After our brunch with TK (previous post), Rich and I hopped in a cab and rolled out toward the soccer fields by Chelsea Piers to watch the tournament. Some of the teams that were playing were Supreme, The Smile, Miss Lily’s, and Opening Ceremony – to name a few.

Brent and Neil spun pretty much all day so all of us enjoyed the sun and danced the day away. So fun! =)


look at rich's muscles!!!


Bumped into Mr. William Yan =)

Neil doin his thang:


Brent also had some water guns on hand to cool off – oooh yea!


Deana and Vern!

Drea and Mike


Leia and Jill =)

Awwww the cute couple lol

Ran into my buddy Mr. Tim Barber =) we met at a shoot… can’t share the deets yet, but will soon!

because i’m fat: Brunch with ToeKnee! (better late than never!)

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 22, 2011

This post is about 2 weeks late oops!

TK was in town for some “work” hehehehe, more like having a blast with Henessey! LOL! I love talking to this guy, he has the best stories and even though he’s a prince, he’s very humble. BAHAHAHA! ❤

No, but really, Tony’s the shit, he’s like the boy version of me in a way. I think… but not a homebody like me lol!

We decided to have brunch at The Cupping Room – best decision ever – and he brought along his friend (I’ve been HORRIBLE at remembering names lately) *edit: VINCE IS HIS NAME! My boy Rich also met us up there – was freakin hot as balls that day!

We laughed, we ate, we talked shit, we took photos. TK – move out here already!!!

French toast brioche stuffed with nuts, fruits and cream cheesy goodness


i'm short. he's tall.

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