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Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 17, 2011

Oh crap! I just realized I didn’t take any photos of the spa I took him to!

John turned “23” yesterday, and for his bday, I took him to Mama Spa in the LES. literally across the street from ReedSpace lol. I was pleasantly surprised because the facilities were comparable to that of a prestigious spa with Chinatown prices!

When we arrived, we were served cold lemon water (was SO hot out), and were taken to our rooms to get our massages. The bf got the Swedish massage (no happy ending), and I opted for a mineral scrub, which left my entire body feeling smooth and glowy (I kid you not!). After our sessions, I took a shower, which was amazing as well – I want their showers – and they served us complimentary vegetable juices of our choice – one of the BEST I’ve ever had!

I HIGHLY recommend Mama Spa!

Afterwards, we passed by the ReedSpace and Nico told me he just had Sa Aming Nayon’s breakfast, so I of course went there right after lol – he ordered the longsilog, while I had the cornsilog! ::drool::

After walking our brunch off, we passed by a few record shops and then it was time for dessert LOL. We went to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary where they served all vegan desserts! Now THIS is how an ice cream parlor should look like – I was in love! Felt like walking into a miniature version of the candy store from Willy Wonka!!! ❤ (Apparently there’s always a long line out the door, but I guess we went at the right moment because we even got a seat!)

I ordered the brownie a la mode sundae with vanilla and raspberry ice cream, he got the mint chip cone (he finished before I could even take a pic).

Afterwards we walked passed the Bowery Stadium and ran into Carl!!! Carl used to work at DQM with the bf, then he moved to Florida to get his degree in auto technician stuff, he’s back now and killing some time working for the Nike. Also ran into a whole slew of friends I hadn’t seen in a while. The stadium is looking pretty dope…

mine and his... can you guess which is mine? lmao - and no, that was not john

We then headed over to Deadly Dragon to buy more records and after, grabbed some bday drinks with the man and a few of his friends until we parted ways so he could do his thing and I could do mine – yea, that’s how we roll =P

Next up… Frank151 Philippine Chapter 45 party!

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  1. andrea nina said, on July 18, 2011 at 12:39 AM

    happy birthday, john!!

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