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Hudson Bar with Banj and Sarah!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 17, 2011

I love how the internet makes the world a billion times smaller. I can’t even remember how I actually met Sarah and Banj, but it was definitely through the graces of Twitter and Gmail hahaha!

I finally met these two in person at the Hudson Bar (after Sandy and I somehow ended up at the wrong bar after Danji lmaoooo #moded). I felt like I’d already known these two for years! They’re visiting NY for a month, Sarah’s doing some hosting for BK Bodega TV for the Hip Hop Festival, and Banj is returning to his NY roots and of course, they’re slowly taking over the world =P

The music catered to alllll kinds of tastes, which I don’t mind, just put a drink in my hand and I’ll dance until my feet fall off!

The Hudson Bar never ceases to amaze me, I love their decor, so classy!

Ruby and her friend Randy were there and we kicked off the night by chatting about how wonderful the Philippines is. We also talked about the Spratly Island dispute going on right now (basically a bunch of countries including China, Malaysia and Vietnam, are fighting over this beautiful and resourceful territory). To learn more, you can partake in a UniPro summit on Friday @ 7pm at the Learning Center in Midtown!

Ruby and Eileen

Randy not enjoying the fist pumping music nor my enthusiasm to mimick the phenomenon lol

My dear friend Alex also showed up! If you’ve followed my blog(s) from before I moved to NY, you’ll remember all the shenanigans Al and I went through in SF with our time doing Homeroom clothing =) He’s one of my friends that I know I can call WHENEVER for WHATEVER even if we hadn’t spoken in years. Its a friendship that doesn’t need any communication – one look, one text, one email says it all – love you Al!!!

Oh yea, check out this video he made for Levi’s (hehehe)

So the five of us danced our asses off until Sarah, Banj and their crew showed up – and then we drank and danced some more! LOL! They run with a FAB crowd ❤

Couple of the century Banj and Sarah ❤

Eileen and Paul

Ms. Sandy Ley


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