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Adidas 10th Annual Fanatic/X @ Chelsea Piers Recap!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 22, 2011

Again, apologies for the late recap on this hehehe! I’ve been pretty busy at work =X

After our brunch with TK (previous post), Rich and I hopped in a cab and rolled out toward the soccer fields by Chelsea Piers to watch the tournament. Some of the teams that were playing were Supreme, The Smile, Miss Lily’s, and Opening Ceremony – to name a few.

Brent and Neil spun pretty much all day so all of us enjoyed the sun and danced the day away. So fun! =)


look at rich's muscles!!!


Bumped into Mr. William Yan =)

Neil doin his thang:


Brent also had some water guns on hand to cool off – oooh yea!


Deana and Vern!

Drea and Mike


Leia and Jill =)

Awwww the cute couple lol

Ran into my buddy Mr. Tim Barber =) we met at a shoot… can’t share the deets yet, but will soon!

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  1. andrea nina said, on July 23, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    good times!!

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