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because i’m fat: Brunch with ToeKnee! (better late than never!)

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 22, 2011

This post is about 2 weeks late oops!

TK was in town for some “work” hehehehe, more like having a blast with Henessey! LOL! I love talking to this guy, he has the best stories and even though he’s a prince, he’s very humble. BAHAHAHA! ❤

No, but really, Tony’s the shit, he’s like the boy version of me in a way. I think… but not a homebody like me lol!

We decided to have brunch at The Cupping Room – best decision ever – and he brought along his friend (I’ve been HORRIBLE at remembering names lately) *edit: VINCE IS HIS NAME! My boy Rich also met us up there – was freakin hot as balls that day!

We laughed, we ate, we talked shit, we took photos. TK – move out here already!!!

French toast brioche stuffed with nuts, fruits and cream cheesy goodness


i'm short. he's tall.

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