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Get Rich or Tie-Dying + Crab Boil 2011!

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Friends & Familia by yoshi on July 24, 2011

After Deana, Sandy, and I had an amazing experience at the House of Vans Create Your Mark event, we knew we just HAD to hold our own tie-dying party!

Because Louise and Omar had a big enough space on the rough to fit all of us, we decided to hold our “Get Rich or Tie-Dying” shindig there LMAO! Along with the crafts, we threw in a few crabs and more home-made dishes by Jeremy!!! Nom nom nom nom nom!

All our friends (that could make it) came through and it was GAME ON!

Roll-call (because I can’t figure out how to include links in the captions): Aside from the above, Chico, Kaitlin, Sarah, Banjo, Vanina, Ilene, Mike, Ben, Julius, Sophia, Christina, Zach, Chris, Diane and Denise, and ummm… yea a few more! =)

I’ll let the photos tell the story…


Deana and Cheeks mixing up the dye

Cheeks doing her hello kitty inspired colorway

first batch... mine's all the way to the left - yea... not that creative lol


omar gettin into it - prepping his protos for spring/summer collection lmao

so much food! yup! that's pork shoulder aka lechon!

Sarah and her mini-me Kaya

tie-dye extravaganza!

@banjbillions getting ready!

of COURSE louise has the cutest tie dye shirt/dress

finished product!

Sandy and Ilene!

Mr. Ben Wang looking ever so coooool =)

Kaya enjoying the TIRIMISU DIP! YESSSS!

nom nom nom

Banj and Sarah =)

@kaitlincandella 's poloroids =)

Kaya. She's only 5. This was just ONE of a few masterpieces she did ALL BY HERSELF!!!

Lola and Willis

1 of like 6 Deana tie-dye specials!


…til the next rooftop party… ideas anyone??

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  1. Erin said, on July 25, 2011 at 10:13 AM

    ohhh this looks like so much fun! i might try this too!

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