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playing HOOKY with friends…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 7, 2011

I finally took last Friday off as my 1st summer Friday (1 of 4 we are given during the summer at work)! After receiving a body scrub from Faux Glow (thanks to Lifebooker), I was refreshed, recharged, and ready to re-up on good times with friends!

I headed over to the “Hooky” party at Hotel Chantelle’s rooftop bar where I was greeted with some amazing cocktails, friendly faces, and so-so music (until they started booming west coast shit and dancehall lmaoooo).

So many laughs, so many great people, so many DRINKS! GAH! o_0

The crew! (Oh great, I had all these names down on Friday… yea.. not anymore but here’s the rundown of who I can remember!) L-R: Friend 1, Banj, Moana, Paul, Sarah, Friend 2, Friend 3, Eric, Friend 4!

I invited my friends Drea, Mike, and Marla to come through as well – so glad they came out! Ruby also came through – always stylin and smilin!

the lovebirds!

marla and ruby

This is Polama. She is a stylist and is also hilarious. Check out that medal lol!

Sean was there too!

Allan’s penny’s…

Banj, George, Ruby =)

Jayson and Drea!

Itsa me!

Sarah and George!

I love these gals!


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  1. andrea nina said, on August 10, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    yayayaya gotta do it again before your summer fridays run out!

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