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an early B-Day bash for Sarah!

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 14, 2011

WOW. WHAT a night! I’ll just provide the recap as a list – how about that?

  1. met the gang up at Hotel Chantelle to play “Hooky”
  2. drank a few drinky drinks
  3. ate at Congee Village – thanks to “Sam”
  4. continued the shenanigans at Tammany Hall where the b-day girl and friends danced their asses off

Surrounding myself with positive people is my goal… and this group, I just adore!!! ❤

Photo taken by Sarah: L-R – Jason, Moi, Allan, Drea, Mike

On to Congee… Unfortunately Banjo nor I remembered to take pics of the rest of the dishes – lmaoooo we just went IN.

Jayson and George

Banj and Sarah (it was Twitter time)

Sam and Allan!

Off to Tammany Hall!!!

From Sarah again – Cheeks, my “Holy Shi*t” et Sarah –

A lot of “head” shots bahahaha –

Sandizzle in the hizzouse!

I seeee you Erin =P

Nat was killin it after DJ GETLIVE and DJ Soul’s sets

Tonight’s #FAIL is brought to you by…

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  1. andrea nina said, on August 15, 2011 at 5:29 PM

    lol, that last photo MAKES this post!!

  2. […] We played Hooky at Hotel Chantelle again, but this time, the weather didn’t play nice. The dark clouds opened their gates of thunder and lightening, showering the covered rooftop with so much water that we all had to go downstairs as the covering could not keep out a mini-flood. We spent a bit more time drinking until we gave in to our temptation to go back for round 2 at Congee Village! […]

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