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UniPro presents: Q&A with the cast and director of Amigo…

Posted in Events by yoshi on August 14, 2011

Last week I walked over to the Philippine Consulate to listen in on a Q&A for the film Amigo (if you recall, I posted the trailer on my blog a few months ago here). The session was presented by UniPro – Pilipino American Unity for Progress – and was moderated by Bryan, who actually came to our UTVS event hehe.

The panel of three included Academy Award nominated director John Sayles, producer Maggie Renzi, and one of the stars of the movie, Joel Torre.

I came a bit late as I had to work, but I was able to catch John Sayles telling the audience how and what he researched in order to bring this “hidden truth” to the big screen.

I’m very exited to watch this film and it will be premiering here in NY at AMC Empire at 42nd Street on August 19th! I also met a few other members of UniPro, if you have the time, please check out their site, I’m looking forward to attending more of their events to support our people =)

Yea Bryan!

Mr. Joel Torre himself

New friend Ramel…

Shoot – another forgotten name… but I hear you’re an awesome musician/songwriter =)

Bryan and friend…

Moi et Bryan

For more information on Amigo, you can visit their site HERE


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