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tis’ the season of love and weddings…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 20, 2011

Last weekend the man and I went to Williamsburg to celebrate the engagement and marriage of two of our lovely friends/couples. Luckily, both parties (which started at the same time) were within walking distance from each other =)

We first passed by our friends’ Agnes (to me, “Ate White Ags” lol) and Nick’s post-wedding soiree at My Moon. The place was so cute! It had a lovely patio area with canopies set up and the inside was stunning as well – with lovely rustic iron designs. The food, Mediterranean, was deeeelish.

Oh! I also caught up with my cousin and old friends – ever since we moved out of Bushwick, I hardly see them anymore! *sniff sniff

my cousin Ags! we love pink! ❤


"White Ags" brother in law, Andrew's pink socks! He's a ballerina... he was in Black Swan =)

the Schumacher brothers: Nat and Micah

After dinner, John and I headed over to the next party to celebrate our good friends’ Rika and Pat engagement. We went to East River Bar. There were candies, cake, sweets galore! Pat was on the grill and we were surrounded by more friends – some I haven’t seen in a long time =)

Oh yea, there was a pinata filled with candies (which Sean ate most, scraping them off the floor lmao) and mini vodka shots.

congrats Pat!

ohhhh sean

There was also an awesome bike vending machine we walked by. Literally has anything a biker needs to repair or ride safe on a bike! From helmets, to chain locks, to bike chains, to tire repair tools, air canisters, bike lights, you name it! Pretty awesome.


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  1. d said, on August 21, 2011 at 8:31 AM

    I read “Last weekend the man and I went to Williamsburg to celebrate the engagement…” and i was like WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT YOURE ENGAGED!?? and then I read on and I was like oh.

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