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Recap – Palladium and Pharrell Present: Tokyo Rising

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on September 6, 2011

Last week I brought Louise with me to the Palladium x Pharrell screening at Hiro Ballroom/Maritime. In partnership with Karmaloop TV, Palladium Boots celebrated the release of their Fall/Winter campaign by producing a documentary hosted by Pharrell Williams, entitled Tokyo Rising.

Pharrell stepped out in his Palladium Baggy Leather Gusset Boots and explored Tokyo’s urban underground subculture, interviewing some of Tokyo’s best musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. Not only did they expose the talents of individuals like Japanese rap-star Verbal, and his wife, designer Yoon of Ambush Designs, but they also documented their reactions after the natural disaster that took place on, what the Japanese call, “3/11.”

After the film, we were given a chance to ask a few questions for Thalia, the director, and Pharrell himself. There were a few really good questions, but I think everyone, more or less, was being nice lol – my main question to Pharrell and Thalia would have been: “What were you expecting your audience to walk away with after viewing this film?” I would ask this because although its visually beautiful, it jumped around a bit from artist interviews to 3/11 thoughts and there sometimes wasn’t a middle-ground bringing the two together… but this is hard to do in a short, 30 minute documentary… Other than that, Bravo!

Check out the trailer here:

Louise, Moi, Wendy

Photos thanks to Turner PR:

L-R: VP of Palladium Barney Waters, Pharrell Williams, Greg Selkoe Owner of Karmaloop, Thalia (Director)

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  1. M London said, on September 7, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    seems like a cool night.
    nice blog.

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