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because i’m fat: Peter Pan Bakery…

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on September 17, 2011

I’ve heard so much about the doughnuts at Peter Pan Bakery so I finally tried it out and it lived up to all my expectations!!

I’m now writing this post after finishing off bits and nibbles of what I ordered earlier today… I’m also watching the Food Network and there’s a doughnut challenge on… how fitting! I’d like to point out that I slowly feel my heart beating faster, my head feeling airy, and my tummy yelling at me for what I’ve just put it through #sugar-rush.

I ordered the following (in order of favorite):

  1. Cream doughnut with red velvet crumbs (AMAZING – definitely my favorite. The cream wasn’t too sweet and the red velvet crumbs balanced out the taste)
  2. Doughnut topped with cream and chocolate sprinkles (I loved this one because it was moist, classic taste, and the glaze wasn’t overly sweet)
  3. Coconut doughnut (I also liked the moist dough, the coconut flakes were just right, although I guess they could have bumped up the flavor juuuust a smidgen)
  4. Apple crumb (filled with apple stuff and topped with brown sugar and other crumbs, idk, this wasn’t my favorite, I guess the filling was too saucy for my taste and the crumbs were too dry)
  5. Apple turnover (this was basically the same as the one above, only it was topped with a sweet glaze and a drizzle of caramel/chocolate I think, again not really my favorite, I think the filling could have been better)
  6. Old fashioned glazed (looks like they do the dry, flakey version for these, not my favorite, I prefer the moist dough)
  7. Spiced doughnut (not a fan of the dry/flakey taste and I guess I don’t like the spiced flavor)
  8. Marble twist (bleh, too dry)
I’d like to go back and see what else, besides doughnuts, they have to offer. There’s a little sit-down area so I’m excited for the next time =)

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  1. Adalhi aka Lali said, on September 17, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    Your next doughnut date has to be at Dough in Bed-Stuy. I will be your hostess-since it is in my hood. 🙂

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