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Girls Write Now Anthologies…

Posted in Blogosphere, Culture by yoshi on October 16, 2011

A few months ago I had the blessed opportunity to work with a wonderful organization called Girls Write Now in collaboration with an event my friend Susana and I produced, Until The Violence Stops.  And thanks to everyone who attended, all the wonderful proceeds went to Girls Write Now!

As their name indicates, their organization focuses on mentoring and writing instructions within an all-girl programming – the first ever in the US (and the only one on the East Coast) since 1998.

Well, as you know, I participated in Uniqlo’s Voices of New York campaign, and we were able to graciously donate our fees to a non-profit organization/charity of our choice, so obviously GWN was perfect as I am a writer and believe in guiding and encouraging the next generation of female writers to share their stories and words to those who will (or won’t!) listen =)

I just received their newly published Girls Write Now Anthologies which showcases the best original multi-genre writing of each class of their talented high school writers. Thank you Girls Write Now!!!

If interested, you can purchase your own copy on!

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