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Day 14 and 15: Outfit post and Zodiac signage…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge, Outfit by yoshi on June 6, 2011

this 30 day blog challenge is proving to be more difficult than i thought =X

Day 14: What you wore today… (yay! right up my alley!)

so this is what i wore yesterday (since i didn’t post anything)

outfit deets: mickey shirt (not gonna lie, i dropped too much money for this at LF) | forever21 pants | nasty gal corset bra

Day 15: Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality:

i’m a TRUE aries –
Adventurous and energetic (yup)
Pioneering and courageous (sure, why not)
Enthusiastic and confident (that’s me)
Dynamic and quick-witted (yes!)

On the dark side…

Selfish and quick-tempered (eeeeeep – i hate to admit it…)
Impulsive and impatient (VERY)
Foolhardy and daredevil (i don’t know about this one)
Shop Nasty Gal

Days 12 and 13….

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on June 4, 2011

gah! its been a busy week!!!!

Day 12: Five guys whom you find attractive…
i will answer this without any hesitation because i love my man and he knows i’m not going anywhere lmaooooo.

  1. brandon boyd
  2. jackson rathbone
  3. that dude from i am number four
  4. someone at work
  5. john igei (c’mon… that’s just a give in)
Day 13: Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it…
i love my arms, my feet, my booty, my neck, my collarbone, my flat chest. i don’t like my big tummy, my thighs, or my muscular calfs. i’m pretty comfortable with myself, but would like to loose the stomach lol.

Day 11: Your family…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge, Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 2, 2011

hmmmm… this is a weird question… i mean, its not even a question? let’s see if i can write this day 11 of the 30 day blog challenge.

my family… is… a combination of the Gueco clan and the Jasmin clan!

i am one of two girls.

my older sister’s name is jazmine and she is married to joey. they live in chicago. she’s a pre-school teacher and she looks very chinese hahaha. she’s tinier than me if you believe.

my mom’s name is maria leucia and all her sisters’ names start with maria. much like the typical catholic filipino family: maria christina (2 cousins: kyle and krisna), maria victoria, maria rosario (2 cousins: robert and ria), maria bernadette (2 cousins: erika and eriette). my grandmother was a teacher and very fashionable in her own right. i got my style from her. no really, i used to borrow her clothes when i was just a kid. my lolo was a lawyer and worked for city hall when they migrated to the states. he was very strict… like my mom lol. i miss him.

my grandma... mom's mom

jasmin clan

my dad’s name salvador, but he’s better known as “buddy.” why? i have no idea. he’s the 3rd eldest of TEN. yes. let’s see if i can name them all… uncle lito (1 cousin shirley), aunt lulu (2 cousins: amy and andrew – who is now watching over us from above), my dad (my sister and myself), uncle dino (1 cousin: little emily may), uncle jr. (3 cousins: cathy, nicky, sean), uncle raffy (2 cousins: erica and my adopted eskimo cousin eugene), uncle henry (9 cousins: yvonne, maurice, matthew, bekah, anthony, brittany, brandon, emilia, and lani – is that 9??? i had to look at my aunt’s facebook lmaoooo), aunt gigi (2 cousins: jennifer and joseph), uncle alex, tita kit (2 cousins: john and stephen). lots of gueco’s living up in alaska i tell ya!

gueco clan

and that’s pretty much my family in a nutshell…

obviously i have a ton of 2nd cousins located in LA and chicago and a few more out here in ny… yay!

Day 9 and 10 of the 30 day blog challenge…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on June 1, 2011

because, like rach, i forgot… so here are #9 and #10 for the 30 day blog challenge! (i’m such a hypocrite!)

Day 9: How important you think education is…

answer: i was kinda book smart. but i was more street smart. they don’t teach you a lot of shit in school. i’ll say that much.

Day 10: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play…

  1. Metallica – Hit the Lights
  2. Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction
  3. Jay-Z ft Kanye & Adele – Never Chasing Pavement
  4. Eminem ft Kid Cudi – I keep Stressin’
  5. Megadeth – My Darkest Hour
  6. Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me (omg – don’t ask)
  7. Queen – We Are the Champions
  8. Diane Birch – Nothing But A Miracle
  9. No Doubt – Hey You (thhrrroowwback)
  10. Vybz Kartel ft Popcaan and Gaza Slim – Clark’s

Day 8: What you ate today…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge, Because I'm Fat by yoshi on May 30, 2011

luckily today’s question from the 30 day blog challenge is an easy one and won’t make me look as bad as yesterday’s food consumption (everyone, including myself, was in disbelief!).

today, i had…

in the morning, fried up some mochi, topped with a little (i’m lying, a LOT) of sugar, and a bit of soy sauce. a japanese morning treat taught to me by john’s mom. =)

then i hopped on my bike to the train station to meet up with igei, ate a beef patty before the long train + bike ride. once we crossed over the bridge we stopped over at maria’s food truck (they have the best shakes!) and i just got a hot dog…

we got to the beach and met up with all our friends, laid out for a few hours, dipped in the water, then decided it was finally time for fish tacos from rockaway taco. the line was so long that marilu and i went around the corner to grab some pina colada’s to go from connelly’s came back, and still waited a few more minutes.

when we finally got our fish tacos, the staff gave us some chips and guac on the house since they recognized our friends (joey and mehring) from some skate vid – woot woot!

*photos taken with iPhone4 + instagram

Day 7: Five pet peeves…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 30, 2011

Oops i forgot to post this yesterday (i have a feeling this will happen often if i’m supposed to post something everyday for the 30 day blog challenge lol).

my five pet peeves are:

  1. unkept toes and fingers.. GAH-ROSS! i hate when people walk around in open toe shoes/slippers/etc… and their toenails aren’t clipped or their nail polish is half gone… YUCK! alsfijaowpeifhaeoif – i also hate when guys have long fingernails…. GAH! ok moving on before i barf.
  2. namedropping. puh-lease. you’re not that cool if you have to drop every name you’ve heard about on hypebeast.
  3. PDA. i understand you guys are in love. awesome. but please, keep that affection to a minimum so i don’t have to gag every time you guys express this undying love for another. this includes facebook status updates, IRL, profile pics. i mean, i GET it, not trying to hate, but for real… just turn it down a bit.
  4. wearing your outside clothes if you sit on the bed. NO NO NO NO NO! don’t you KNOW where those pants have been?? then you want to sit your ass on the bed you sleep on?
  5. not changing the toilet paper roll. WTF?! you see its down to its last shit ticket… how hard is it to put a new roll back on?

Day 6: Your views on mainstream music…

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 28, 2011

today i have to talk about my views on mainstream music for the 30 day blog challenge. hmmm… now, being that i’m all about the latest gossip – er news – surrounding entertainment, i think the same goes for mainstream music (which i think would be typically referred to as “top 40?”) if so, then i’m all about the nicki minaj’s, lady gaga’s, beyonce’s, riri’s and bruno mars’ out right now.

i enjoy dancing to their songs, not saying that i’d go out and buy their album and listen to it on repeat for a week. no. i just have a thing for catchy tunes and i appreciate music that can make me shake what my mama gave me.

so, for all you music snobs out there who are too snobby to listen to anything outside of indie, puh-lease. soon enough your little bands will bite the dust and sell out to live the glamorous life. and i’ll be listening… (most likely to a remix) *shortay gettin down low low low low…


Day 5: Things you want to say to an ex….

Posted in 30 Day Blog Challenge by yoshi on May 27, 2011

now THIS topic was one of the reasons why i wanted to do the 30 day blog challenge!

oh man oh man… this is a goodie lol. i’m going to throw in a few ex’s from my past – no names and no particular order.

  • yea sucka look at me now! you can’t even look me in the eye and say hi to me. glad i caught you doing me wrong. and yes, your friends did always tell me to leave you. LOSER.
  • i hope you learned a lot from our relationship, i wish you the best of luck. just don’t act like something you’re not because we all know you’re not “hard” or a “thug,” you’re a big softee and have a huge heart. people like that about you.
  • this one’s for carey – thank GAWD we managed to stay friends bahahaha!
what would YOU say to an ex?
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