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Girls Write Now Anthologies…

Posted in Blogosphere, Culture by yoshi on October 16, 2011

A few months ago I had the blessed opportunity to work with a wonderful organization called Girls Write Now in collaboration with an event my friend Susana and I produced, Until The Violence Stops.  And thanks to everyone who attended, all the wonderful proceeds went to Girls Write Now!

As their name indicates, their organization focuses on mentoring and writing instructions within an all-girl programming – the first ever in the US (and the only one on the East Coast) since 1998.

Well, as you know, I participated in Uniqlo’s Voices of New York campaign, and we were able to graciously donate our fees to a non-profit organization/charity of our choice, so obviously GWN was perfect as I am a writer and believe in guiding and encouraging the next generation of female writers to share their stories and words to those who will (or won’t!) listen =)

I just received their newly published Girls Write Now Anthologies which showcases the best original multi-genre writing of each class of their talented high school writers. Thank you Girls Write Now!!!

If interested, you can purchase your own copy on!

Making moves with Mixologi…

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on October 13, 2011

My girl Rach and some of her friends have launched an inspiring online project called Mixologi. Bringing together creative minds who are passionate about the Bay Area and the people living in and around it, Mixologi aims to highlight cultural diversity and pursuit of following one’s dreams through social media, events, online content, videos and more.

Can’t wait to see them grow!!! Congrats guys!

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…via We Are the 99 Percent

Posted in Blogosphere, Food for Thought by yoshi on October 11, 2011

Dear friends,

I am lucky enough to have a good job and minimal college debt thanks to scholarships, work study and grants. I just want to say that I understand. I grew up poor and moved upwards of 20 times because of several evictions. At times, I was homeless and other times I lived with friends. During my junior year of high school, I lived in a hotel and on the one year anniversary of the beginning of my stay there, I was accepted into my state’s flagship university. I consider myself lucky since many of my friends struggle. I would like to tell you all that your courage, resolve, and engagement will lift you from the doldums and activism akin to this has helped people like me. I thank you for your passion. 

In Solidarity with my brothers and sisters,

99 Percenter


Wendy’s Birthday Brunch at Riverpark…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Blogosphere, Friends & Familia by yoshi on October 10, 2011

Yesterday a bunch of my girls and I went to Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark restaurant for brunch to celebrate Wendy’s birthday. The weather was absolutely beautiful and thanks to Simone, we were able to get seated perfectly hahaha!

As usual, my girls arrived in style (and pretty much on time – WHOA!). L-R: Vernie, Louise, Simone, Michelle, Christine, Wendy, Me! *Not pictured, Jen because she had to catch a flight to Paris lol*

There's Jen in the middle hehe!

We were all starving and the menu looked delectable so we went all in and ordered almost one of each dish =)

Salted/Seasoned watermelons - THESE WERE SOOOOO JUICY AND LOVELY!

Avocado topped toast - NOM NOM NOM

Christine and I had Smoked Trout Cake

Of COURSE Wendy had the fried chicken biscuit LMAO!!!!

Simone had the burger - yummmmm

Vern had the Shrimp and Grits

Louise had the hearty Sausage Biscuit

Jen and Michelle had the BLT Sandwich

For dessert, we graciously received a sample of fried donuts, sorbets, ice creams, and baked bananas, compliments of Riverpark! Free desserts – YOU HAD ME AT FREE! ❤ ❤ ❤

The brunch was fabulous and the conversations were endless, obviously! With the view overlooking the East River, of course we had to take advantage and take some photos!

STOP IT RIGHT NOW: the Celine skateboard…

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Blogosphere by yoshi on October 4, 2011

My sister from another mister, Jayne, of the ridiculously entertaining and stylish blog: STOP IT RIGHT NOW, was sooooo in love with the Celine print that she just had to re-create it on some of the things she loves: skateboards and her dog Kuma!

Aren’t they all FAB-U-LOUS?!?!?!

I just had to get my hand on one of the decks for my place and OBVIOUSLY support my girl =)

Want one?


Isn’t Jayne GORGEOUS?!?!?! ❤

an influencer is…

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on September 16, 2011

…”an influencer is not defined solely by the number of people they connect to.  Quite simply, an influencer is someone who is capable of – and wants to – bring about changes in awareness, perception or action in a group of people, around a specific topic.”

via source

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on clever shopping bags…

Posted in Blogosphere, Fashion by yoshi on June 6, 2011

saw this on invastionista’s blog… LOVE it – are there any bags here in NYC that do this? if so, let me know, i wanna shop there! lol!

danke amy&pink!

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on May 23, 2011

for a while now, a german site called amy&pink has been linking back to my blog in their section called “lost in blogs.” i don’t know who you are or how you found me, but thanks for the love! i see jayne is on there as well – wheeee! holler!

check out amy&pink, they cover everything from fashion/life/sex/culture/art/photography – they’re pretty bad-ass and #NSFW =P

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