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#PhilFashionWeek: Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua, Eric Delos Santos hosted by Sarah Meier (Pt. 2)

Posted in Fashion, Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 9, 2011

Alrighty folks – another speed post here! Here’s Part 2 of PFW’s Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua and Eric Delos Santos show (click here for Part 1).

Lizanne Cua presented her S/S 2012 ready to wear collection. Her designs are sleek, breathable, and definitely easy to wear. Here are a few selects:

The last designer to showcase their S/S 2012 collection was Eric Delos Santos. I loved the styling for this show. A mix of soft feather-like garments paired with bad-ass leather and chains = love. Also, one of the models I recognized from America’s Next Top Model, can you spot her? Danica Magpantay (winner of Ford’s 2010 Supermodel of the world) was also walking in his show – she’s beautiful!

That girl that Sarah is hugging is Philippine’s “IT” girl Anne Curtis, lol, I see her on ABS’s Showtime…

#PhilFashionWeek: Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua, Eric Delos Santos hosted by Sarah Meier (Pt. 1)

Posted in Fashion, Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 8, 2011

Apologies as this will be a speed post because I’m not sure if my internet will fail on me mid-posting lol! After the Triumph show at SMX, we all headed over SMDC to check out three designers, Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua and Eric Delos Santos showcase their Spring/Summer 2012 45 piece collections. Sarah was hosting the show so it was nice to finally see her live in action!

First up – Chris Diaz!

I loved this guys' shirt!

Chris Diaz’s show was “Native American/Tribal” inspired. I liked his color choices and some of the accessories that were styled with the outfits – here are a few of my picks…

Philippine Fashion Week: Triumph S/S 2012 Show @ SMX

Posted in Fashion, Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 4, 2011

When I left CoLab, I walked across the street to freshen up for a few fashion shows that evening. R picked me up from the condo and we headed over to Mall of Asia’s SMX convention center.

After 125 years of shaping the female figure (literally), Triumph showcased their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection at Philippine Fashion Week. As Europe’s leading undergarment brand, Triumph presented some really cute pieces, obviously not as sexy as Victoria Secret, rather timeless and classic playing with nudes and blacks. Ruffa Gutierrez (former beauty queen turned model and actress) stole the show as she closed the catwalk with her voluptuous corseted figure!

Before the show, we hung out at the L’Oreal lounge for some little snacks and drinks, L’Oreal is actually the main sponsor for PFW, they’ve gone alllll out and even provided a complimentary hair and make-up station.

Rosario always working!

Ms. Tina Herrera - the BAWSE of PFW

R and my new friend JanJay (@JanJayCoquilla)

This being my first fashion show in the Philippines, front row no less, it was interesting to see the differences in model/talent selection for these shows. As a lingerie/undergarment brand, the first thing you think is: VS Angels with their perfect abs and tightened butt-cheeks. Here, notsomuch. Perhaps it was because we were practically toe to toe with the models, maybe the items were too small or the models just weren’t prepared to walk down the catwalk practically naked. I was told, however, lots of models are hired because they are skinny, not fit. If that’s the case – I’M FOR HIRE! LMAOOOO – “Skinny fat welcomed here!” Nonetheless, I was shocked at how beautiful the models’ were as well, I mean, there were tall ass Filipinas walking the show – now why couldn’t I get that side of the genes?!

After the show we all met up to head over to SMDC center to watch a few designer shows hosted by Sarah =) We loaded up on drinks and more snacks hehehee….

@BanjBillions !!!

JanJay with PBA player and awesome guy all-around Sean (nice one Ter lol)

Me with the wonderful Teresa =P This is the most I’ve seen her in one year! lol!

Triple Threat Herrera Girls: Ter, Tina, R (minus Vicky) – LOVE THEMMMMM, hardest working and most loving family you’ll meet! Looks like R is wearing a flower topper looooollll!

Shopping trip to Uniqlo on 5th Ave…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on October 15, 2011

Decided to make the trip over to the new Uniqlo again, this time to shop shop shop! I ended up purchasing a wool peacoat for $99 and 4 pairs of denim for $9.90!!! Hurry while the prices are still low!

Although there was a line around the corner, it went really fast, and once inside, amidst the chaos, the staff was still able to make you feel welcomed and not rushed at all – which is a rarity in NYC. They were extremely helpful and didn’t mind if you asked them for help!

Saw my face in the front of the store in the elevators hehehehehe! Then Louise saw my face on the other side of the building too! Thanks for sending! Wheeeee!

And yes, I DID request the Hello Kitty Uniqlo shopping bags ❤ ❤ ❤ <3!

Thanks Louise!

Great Lengths hair @ Rare Salon & mini toppers @ Love Brigade!

Posted in Fashion, Hair by yoshi on October 6, 2011

How many hairstyles does Yoshi go through in a year? HAHAHAHA!

With my upcoming trip to the Philippines, I wanted to look fly and have hair that I didn’t have to spend too much time on. Believe it or not, short hair is very high maintenance! I went to my hair guru of the gods, Fatima of RARE Salon, to fix me up with some hair extensions. This time around, she put Great Lengths on me using the hair bonding process (last time we did extensions using beads, which lasted about 3 months), these will last me about 6 months!

I know, sounds weird, hair extensions and all, but OMG the quality of the hair is AMAZING! Much better than my own hair hahaha! The process is pretty tedious, I was in the chair for about 4.5-5 hours =X But I had fun because I got to catch up with Fati and the rest of the crew – I heart RARE Salon!



The Process….

Individual strands are "bonded" with the extension using a mini hair "iron" - kinda like melting candle wax to your hair - TOTALLY SAFE!

Check out Fati's nails as she twists my bonds in =)


Oh! After I got my hair all set, I walked over to SoHo to grab some lunch at Cafe Select, ran into my friend Alex (such a cutie no?) and caught up with him.

His friend Brandee came through and I immediately told her the most stalkerish thing ever: “OMG, I’ve been staring at your face for the past few months!” I’m so WEIRD! Actually, I explained that Gap is one of my clients and she was one of the models we used for our advertisement hehehe – ain’t she cute? =)

Finally, I headed over to Williamsburg to get a quick drum class in since I’ll be busy this weekend, I got there a bit early so I passed by my friend’s shop, LOVE BRIGADE, I hadn’t been there in YEARS (such a bad friend)! My girl Alyssa wasn’t there, but these 2 mini toppers were! I couldn’t decide which to get, so at $36 each, I decided to buy both =X



Hellz-Bellz introduces new line BOTB: Movers & Shakers…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on October 4, 2011

Finally! BOTB’s first collection has arrived! I know Lawn and the rest of her team have been working day in and day out to get this out the door, and I’m excited to share with you BOTB’s “Movers & Shakers” collection. A line more focused on women’s contemporary street culture, BOTB stems off the trails of Hellz-Bellz:

Ladylike pieces such as the ‘Epiphany’ dress experiment with sexual themes for a playful approach to a rather classic idea. Bold graphics and loud prints contrast the muted color-pallet, while a tailored exterior of the young professional mask a surprisingly colorful lifestyle.

Visit BOTB’s new SITE!

Art Direction: Misslawn

Photography: Mike Nguyen

Styling: Kristen Stuart

Model: Xian Mikol

Hair & Makeup: Matisse Andrews

Dw by Kanye West…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on October 2, 2011

The much anticipated collection by Kanye West, along with Givenchy’s own Louise Goldin and Riccardo Tisci, made its debut on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. I actually like a few pieces from the Dw collection, said to be named after his mother Donda West (so sweet), and I wonder how they’ll make the transition to off-runway production. Congrats Kanyeezy =)

Here are a few of my fav’s:

Beauty & the Beats Part II @ Rare Salon

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Events, Fashion by yoshi on September 19, 2011

Yesterday I attended the second quarterly installment of “Beauty & the Beats” at Rare Salon! I was greeted by the friendly staff of Rare and the beautiful Ness who helped coordinate the event.

Guests who attended were treated to special event services for $40, they included: decorative nail art and manicure by the infamous Naomi Yasuda, make-up by Ashley Spedale and JuliQ Monae, and/or a lovely hair wash and blow-out by the Rare Salon staff headed by the wonderful Fatima =) I actually got all 3 services done and my awesome new straight hair was done by Tammy Reynolds – teeeeehehehehehe!

While I chatted with new and old friends and waited for the next available expert, I munched on mini cupcakes (french toast was my fav!) also made by Ashley through Glittle Cupcake nom nom nom!

Accessories from Hardbody’s F/W collection were also available for purchase, I bought myself a cute ear piece with feathers and received another ear cuff as a gift! LOVE! I also received a pair of D. Brand denim and other goodies including stuff from ReedSpace! We also jammed out to music provided by DJ/Producer Lucas Fable.

If you weren’t able to make it, don’t you worry, there’s another one set for December and I hear it’s going to be even bigger! =)

Fatima and friends (and Tammy who did my hair and the far right!)

Me with Ness!

Glittle Cupcakes!

Ness' nails by Naomi

Got my make-up did and my hair is being washed =)


Me with my Hardbody feather earring

Ashley doing make-up

The lovely JuliQ Monae


New friend Sharon of

Sharon's cute nails!

Thank you Ness!!!!

This is what I wore... my leggings were a hit!

RARE by F.S. Charlie TEAM for this event included:
Ruth Roche- Founder/Creative Director of RARE
Fatima Sheikh- Owner/Master Stylist of Rare by F.S. Charlie
Kevyn Bridgeman- Senior Stylist
Tammy Reynolds- Master Stylist
Rocio Briceno- Apprentice/Stylist

Glittle Cupcakes:
Hardbody, NYC:
Mikey Likes It:
Naomi Yasuda:
OneSound Label:
Reed Space:
Tough Love:


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