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Party Time at KYSS! (…Round 1)

Posted in Friends & Familia, Travel and Trips by yoshi on November 10, 2011

Yes, KYSS is where it’s at. After the shows we all headed over to KYSS to drink and dance the night away – but before that, R, JanJay and I ate at Nihon, first thing’s first!

Ms. Vicky Herrera:

Josh (TRUE SF – yea, I know, small world!) & Friend:

Natalie and Ruby!

Banj and Anton!!!

Margaux and Sarahhhh

Erica and SMA!

Dee Jae and his homegirl!

These girls… ❤

…aaaaaand I stole these from Erica’s Facebook =P Love these gals!

L-R: Ms. Sassy Sassa Jimenez, Margaux, Sarah, Moi, Erica, Vicky ❤ ❤ ❤

L-R: Margaux, Moi, Rosario, Vicky, Sarah, Erica, and friend =D

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Apple picking time at Wright’s Apple Farm!

Posted in Friends & Familia, Travel and Trips by yoshi on October 17, 2011

Apple picking. Yes, this is the season for it! Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing colors, the air is brisk, and it’s about time we get to sip on some hot apple cider and munch on apple pies!!!

Louise, Ina, Cass, Omar, Willis the dog and I hopped in a car and headed out to Wright’s Apple Farm in Gardiner, NY (dog friendly!) to get are fill of apples. Not only do they have an orchard, but their little market gave us a taste of what to expect – we tested out a few of the apples they were growing, one of which was the “Honey Crisp” – we searched high and low for these, only to find out they were all gone =(

They also fry apple cider donuts – hot to serve – along with homemade pies from apple to pumpkin to blueberry – nom nom nom!

We ate a few donuts and for $10, got our bags to start filling with apples! I highly recommend this apple orchard – very friendly and HUGE! You can even picnic there!

mmmmmmm apple cider donutsssssss

Willis had a BUH-LAST!

Omar looking for the Honey Crisp apples

Louise reaching for the highest apple

Ina and her baby



More photos to come!

Wendy’s Birthday Brunch at Riverpark…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Blogosphere, Friends & Familia by yoshi on October 10, 2011

Yesterday a bunch of my girls and I went to Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark restaurant for brunch to celebrate Wendy’s birthday. The weather was absolutely beautiful and thanks to Simone, we were able to get seated perfectly hahaha!

As usual, my girls arrived in style (and pretty much on time – WHOA!). L-R: Vernie, Louise, Simone, Michelle, Christine, Wendy, Me! *Not pictured, Jen because she had to catch a flight to Paris lol*

There's Jen in the middle hehe!

We were all starving and the menu looked delectable so we went all in and ordered almost one of each dish =)

Salted/Seasoned watermelons - THESE WERE SOOOOO JUICY AND LOVELY!

Avocado topped toast - NOM NOM NOM

Christine and I had Smoked Trout Cake

Of COURSE Wendy had the fried chicken biscuit LMAO!!!!

Simone had the burger - yummmmm

Vern had the Shrimp and Grits

Louise had the hearty Sausage Biscuit

Jen and Michelle had the BLT Sandwich

For dessert, we graciously received a sample of fried donuts, sorbets, ice creams, and baked bananas, compliments of Riverpark! Free desserts – YOU HAD ME AT FREE! ❤ ❤ ❤

The brunch was fabulous and the conversations were endless, obviously! With the view overlooking the East River, of course we had to take advantage and take some photos!

Labor Day 2011 Weekend: Lake Owassa Style

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on September 8, 2011

Eating. Sleeping. Getting sick. Drinking.

Eating, Kayaking. Painting nails. Drinking.

Twin Peaks. Rise of the Apes. US Open. Drinking.

Eating. Barbeque-ing. S’mores. Drinking. Dairy Queen.

That about sums it up!

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Recon. The Relaunch.

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Friends & Familia by yoshi on September 1, 2011

Looks like the crew is back together to celebrate a relaunch of Recon! Supporting sports, arts, and culture my homies Stash, Futura, and their boy Wane got together to produce this piece. It’s been too long boys!

PS – all you instagrammers! Follow Josh @mr_stash =)

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love my friends!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 27, 2011

A bunch of us came together again to bid a “semi” fare-well to Sarah who was heading back to PI (leaving Banj and Kaya behind in NYC – yeaaaa!) for some work. No worries though, they’ll be back again next month HAHAHAHA!

We played Hooky at Hotel Chantelle again, but this time, the weather didn’t play nice. The dark clouds opened their gates of thunder and lightening, showering the covered rooftop with so much water that we all had to go downstairs as the covering could not keep out a mini-flood. We spent a bit more time drinking until we gave in to our temptation to go back for round 2 at Congee Village!

Oh! I forgot to mention, my old friend Mondee came through and hung out with us too! After devouring our food, we all decided to check out Santos, we were there a bit early (go figure hahaha) but once in, Stretch Armstrong got the party going. The rest of the crew came through too – weeee! Good times good times!

Sarah see you sooooooon! Banj, see you even sooner =)

mkbkrthebkmkr and jason

Sarah's Swiss passport

Mondee totally hatin on Sarah's Swiss passport lmaooooo


Liquid Marijuana

❤ ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

Louise, Christina, Kathy, Mondee!

tis’ the season of love and weddings…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 20, 2011

Last weekend the man and I went to Williamsburg to celebrate the engagement and marriage of two of our lovely friends/couples. Luckily, both parties (which started at the same time) were within walking distance from each other =)

We first passed by our friends’ Agnes (to me, “Ate White Ags” lol) and Nick’s post-wedding soiree at My Moon. The place was so cute! It had a lovely patio area with canopies set up and the inside was stunning as well – with lovely rustic iron designs. The food, Mediterranean, was deeeelish.

Oh! I also caught up with my cousin and old friends – ever since we moved out of Bushwick, I hardly see them anymore! *sniff sniff

my cousin Ags! we love pink! ❤


"White Ags" brother in law, Andrew's pink socks! He's a ballerina... he was in Black Swan =)

the Schumacher brothers: Nat and Micah

After dinner, John and I headed over to the next party to celebrate our good friends’ Rika and Pat engagement. We went to East River Bar. There were candies, cake, sweets galore! Pat was on the grill and we were surrounded by more friends – some I haven’t seen in a long time =)

Oh yea, there was a pinata filled with candies (which Sean ate most, scraping them off the floor lmao) and mini vodka shots.

congrats Pat!

ohhhh sean

There was also an awesome bike vending machine we walked by. Literally has anything a biker needs to repair or ride safe on a bike! From helmets, to chain locks, to bike chains, to tire repair tools, air canisters, bike lights, you name it! Pretty awesome.

thank you @TazTokyo!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on August 18, 2011

Goodies from Japan for the bf and me! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you Tatsumi!!!

Check out Taz-Tokyo’s site here!

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