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A Solar Powered Philippines…

Posted in Culture, Gadgets by yoshi on October 11, 2011


on my new Canon Powershot S95…

Posted in Gadgets by yoshi on September 21, 2011

As you should know by now, I’ve recently purchased the Canon Powershot S95 thanks to a few friends’ recommendations (it was either this or the Panasonic Lumix LX5). After much thought and consideration, I went with the Canon because I’m always on the go and needed something quick and easy without much fuss.

I purchased it from B&H and decided to get the package deal: case, extra battery (since the s95 doesn’t have a long battery life) and another memory card.

My review? I love it so far! The shots are incredible at night WITHOUT flash – check out my Vans post for examples. It’s going to take me a while to figure out all the appropriate settings to use, but I’m slowly getting there =)

For those of you who already own this camera, any advice or comments you’d like to share?

genius tongs…

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Gadgets by yoshi on September 13, 2011

Someone buy me a few of these!!!

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gadgets: sushi 3D decoden iPhone cases?

Posted in Gadgets by yoshi on August 24, 2011

you TOTALLY would.

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nerd alert: angry birds, tamagotchi’s, and wha?!

Posted in Gadgets by yoshi on April 17, 2011

1. Bathroom Door Toe Openers

Why haven’t they made these a bathroom staple yet?!

via Gizmodo

2. Angry Birds Cake Pops

Cake Pops are the new mini cupcakes. I wonder if these are any good…

via PopSugar

3. Tamagotchi iD

Wait… Tamagatchi’s still exist?!

via ubergizmo

4. Burger and Fries Earbuds

Yes please!!!!

via GeekSugar

5. And just because….

my new toys…

Posted in Gadgets, Nerd Alert by yoshi on February 1, 2011

i bought myself a new tv (panasonic viera 37″ LED) along with an xbox 360 and kinect… oh yea, i got rumba too – BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! time to get my ass into shape!

if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that i was getting tweet help from xbox support. apparently the bf forgot he changed the password to our wireless and didn’t realize it until the 3rd hour of troubleshooting FML! once hooked up to xbox live to get the necessary updates, it was ON!

needless to say, i’m pretty sore this morning…

now all i need to is to switch my cable box to HD and the dance central game, and i think we’re all set!

yes, i watch greg kelly in the morning



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thank you THINKSOUND!

Posted in Gadgets by yoshi on November 29, 2010

Thinksound has yet again gifted me with a lovely set of eco-friendly headphones!!! I absolutely adore and appreciate their smart packaging (yea, I’m a sucker for branding and packaging). The pair I previously had, which I used daily, was already awesome… but these TS02 headphones are even better because I’m able to control my music with a few clicks (including repeat, go back a few tracks, skip, etc…), however, I don’t think it allows me to control the volume (Mike correct me if I’m wrong lol), and use it as a mobile headset.

I love the look of these headphones because they’re so sleek and helloooooo they’re made of REAL wood and recycled materials =)

From Thinksound:

Great sound you can talk about.

thinksound™ ts02+mic headphones feature an in-ear 8mm high-definition driver with integrated microphone and call control. These eco-friendly earbuds have “excellent sound quality, and produce a rich, and warm sound, which is clear and crisp.” (Geeky Gadgets) You can also easily answer calls via the sleek, one-button control.

The ts02+mic features reduced speaker diameter and housing size to provide better ergonomics, upgraded acoustics, and a wider sound-stage. “The ts02+mic fits comfortably and its high-definition driver pumps out warm sound that is as clean as the artist who made it probably intended.” (Gear Diary) Like our other models, the ts02+mic also features PVC-Free cables and a hand-crafted, sustainable wood housing for more accurate sound reproduction.

Offered in a rich Cherry/Silver or Chocolate/Black finish, thinksound™ ts02+mic headphones are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and most Blackberry models and smart phones. Every pair comes with a cotton carrying pouch, and four sets of ear fittings to ensure a perfect fit. As with all of our products, thinksound™ ts02+mic headphones come with a one (1) year warranty.

ts02+mic headphones are compatible with:

iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPad, iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4), Macbook, Droid II, Droid X, Droid ERIS, HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S, Blackberry (with 3.5mm standard headphone jacks only), Motorola A1600, HTC EVO and many more. Contact us if you want to know if your phone is compatible.

oh yea, I got a hair cut and color =)


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