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Great Lengths hair @ Rare Salon & mini toppers @ Love Brigade!

Posted in Fashion, Hair by yoshi on October 6, 2011

How many hairstyles does Yoshi go through in a year? HAHAHAHA!

With my upcoming trip to the Philippines, I wanted to look fly and have hair that I didn’t have to spend too much time on. Believe it or not, short hair is very high maintenance! I went to my hair guru of the gods, Fatima of RARE Salon, to fix me up with some hair extensions. This time around, she put Great Lengths on me using the hair bonding process (last time we did extensions using beads, which lasted about 3 months), these will last me about 6 months!

I know, sounds weird, hair extensions and all, but OMG the quality of the hair is AMAZING! Much better than my own hair hahaha! The process is pretty tedious, I was in the chair for about 4.5-5 hours =X But I had fun because I got to catch up with Fati and the rest of the crew – I heart RARE Salon!



The Process….

Individual strands are "bonded" with the extension using a mini hair "iron" - kinda like melting candle wax to your hair - TOTALLY SAFE!

Check out Fati's nails as she twists my bonds in =)


Oh! After I got my hair all set, I walked over to SoHo to grab some lunch at Cafe Select, ran into my friend Alex (such a cutie no?) and caught up with him.

His friend Brandee came through and I immediately told her the most stalkerish thing ever: “OMG, I’ve been staring at your face for the past few months!” I’m so WEIRD! Actually, I explained that Gap is one of my clients and she was one of the models we used for our advertisement hehehe – ain’t she cute? =)

Finally, I headed over to Williamsburg to get a quick drum class in since I’ll be busy this weekend, I got there a bit early so I passed by my friend’s shop, LOVE BRIGADE, I hadn’t been there in YEARS (such a bad friend)! My girl Alyssa wasn’t there, but these 2 mini toppers were! I couldn’t decide which to get, so at $36 each, I decided to buy both =X



my new hair thanks to RARE salon =)

Posted in Hair by yoshi on July 3, 2011

We all know how indecisive I am when it comes to my hair. When I met Fatima, thanks to Ness, at the RARE Beauty & the Beats event, she knew exactly what I should do with my hair! She wanted to try out a new hair extension process and thought I was the perfect candidate for it, obbbbviously I was game =)

I got to Rare and we went straight to business. Using little circular rods, Fatima would attach my extensions by clamping them in. Say good-bye to gluing, braiding and sewing! I can even get these tightened once they start getting loose without any difficulty, just unclamp and slide them back up!

BEFORE (all flat and lame)

Its real human hair... just not mine =P

I learned more about Fatima and her salon… let me tell you, her strive for great customer service, the betterment of her staff, and just overall work and personal ethic is more than respectable. Her craft in hair “art,” if you will, is also fun and daring – right up my alley! =P

Check out Fatima's hot nails by Hello Beautiful - this is what she used to clamp my "hair" in

A little bit of color

Et VOILA! Don’t you LUUURRRVE?!?!?!?!

So ladies and gents, if you need some hair love and want to try some color, extensions, or some amazing new cut, I highly recommend Rare, you can ask for Fatima!

Beauty & the Beats Recap…

Posted in Events, Hair by yoshi on June 13, 2011

My girl Ness invited me over to Rare Salon to have a beauty filled day full of great music, hair and nail services, and drinks aplenty. Paper Doll Boutique out of Brooklyn partnered up with Rawthentix to throw the shindig, as well as providing their latest trends from their lovely boutique.

Paper Doll Boutique (Owner Victoria rockin YoursTruly)

The lovely Ness

Fresh out of my first ever acupuncture appointment, I decided to munch on cupcakes and sip on orange juice – I figure I’d TRY to not drink any alcohol, but sugar should be ok ahahahahaha!

Ashley Spedale provided the cupcakes AND make-up for the day =) she’s too adorable!

so perrrty

Legit eyebrow threading by Fatima

Nereida, one of Rare’s hairstylists, hooked me up with a proper “fringe,” aka bangs! I love her! PS. She’s touched the hairs of celebrity’s like Elizabeth Taylor, Ben Affleck, been on tour with Britney, just to name a few… uhm… even won a few Emmy’s for her work!!!

Thanks Ness and Fatima and the rest of the Rawthentix and Rare crew!!!

Oh yea! My fringe!

Shop Nasty Gal

wrappin up the hurrrr… (another animated gif bahahaha)

Posted in Hair by yoshi on May 26, 2011

hair’s getting longer and difficult to manage. when all else fails – wrap that shit up!

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my new hair thanks to yasuko @salonmusa!

Posted in Hair by yoshi on April 16, 2011

when i first moved to new york, i found an amazing hairstylist that could work wonders with chemicals lol! her name is yasuko. she was the one who gave me my afro back in 2006 – see below…

(HOLY CRAP – look at those crazy drawn on eyebrows and acrylics! i was also a few lbs lighter – damn!):

yasuko and her husband opened up their own salon in soho called salon musa. the interior is to DIE for. love love LOVE the aesthetic of the salon! from the vintage typewriters, to the antique barber chairs, to their bathroom (i forgot to take a pic while i was on the toilet – i asked if i could move in bahahahaha!)

anyway, after about 3.5 hours, yasuko worked her magic again and now i don’t have to curl my own hair anymore! tada! yoshi’s hairstyle #78 (or something like that lmao)

ps – is it bad that i LOVE the smell of perm chemicals =X

thank you yasuko and the rest of the salon musa family!!! ❤

back to my hair…

Posted in Hair by yoshi on April 13, 2011

so, if you follow my twitter – you might have seen my angry tweet about chopping off my hair if i wasn’t satisfied with it by the end of this week.

you must realize – this is a HUGE feat for me. i haven’t had long-ish hair since HIGH SCHOOL.

anyway, its at a length now where i can crimp/wave it! soooo just another week or two and i think i’m going to go back to curls!!!! yayers!

i have no other update…

Posted in Hair by yoshi on April 8, 2011

other than i’m busy at work. and my hair is growing.

gross face – i didn’t blow dry my hair this morning… nor did i bother to wake up -_-

hair update: getting loooongggg…

Posted in Hair by yoshi on January 18, 2011

its been about a month or so since i’ve last cut my hair. its been a VERY trying period for me. fighting the urge to snip snip at bits and pieces of my hair has been extremely difficult. however, i think i’ve gotten over the first hump of growing out my hair and its getting to the point where i can actually start messing with the style of it or pinning it back… or making myself believe i have long enough hair to put in a pony tail – see below. LMAO

teensy weensy pony tail! reminds me of paul revere or something – bahahahaha! whatevs

i used to have this hairstyle back in 2007 i think… or was it 2006…

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